Never Wear These Shoes on a Cruise, Experts Say

Both comfort and style should be top of mind when out at sea.

Cruise lovers know that every line has its own reputation and specific set of guidelines. But there are some rules that apply everywhere—especially when it comes to what to wear. Like with any getaway, you want to make sure you're filling your suitcase with items you'll actually need—and of course, that means shoes. Not only do you want to feel (and look) your best while taking in the refreshing sea breeze, but there's no sense in loading up on footwear that will end up being a fashion faux-pas. Read on to discover which shoes you should never wear on a cruise.

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Leave the fluffy slippers at home.

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Sure, certain resorts will not just allow, but encourage guests to ditch their wardrobe and spend their vacation in a comfy, plush robe and fluffy slippers. On cruises, that's generally frowned upon. Again, each particular cruise line has certain guidelines when it comes to the dress code, but slippers are never at the top of the suggestion list. If there's still an urge to pack some fluffy slippers, only wear them in the comfort of your own cabin, explains Cruise Critic. You want to make sure you're comfortable but not too casual. Save the slippers for when you need to recover from your vacation.

Invest in a pair of nice, slip-on sandals.

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Picking a few solid, slip-on shoe options can save precious, much-needed room in the luggage because they're easy to dress up or down. Whether you're donning formal evening wear or a swimsuit by the pool, you can find a pair that is versatile. It's possible then to even get away with not packing thong sandals, which can be uncomfortable anyway. Plus, cheap thong flip flops can break easily, leaving travelers in a pinch. Life Well Cruised recommends woven sandal slides in black or nude to dress up or down. You won't feel uncomfortable or out of place with these.

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Consider comfortable and practical options.

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Flat, but fancy, options will come in handy. Choose pretty shoes that are so comfortable, so that when you're walking around for hours you'll forget about your feet. Life Well Cruised recommends stylish flat sandals like these KOLILI Women's Flat Slide Sandals that come in black and tan. They're inexpensive and multi-faceted, which makes them easily paired with rolled-up jeans, a stylish swimsuit and a cute black cover-up, or even with a little black dress for cocktail hour or dinner.

When preparing for a cruise, you might also want to consider comfortable closed-toe walking shoes, according to Fabulous After 40. Sneakers, especially sleek ones, are an incredible option; but don't sleep on boat shoes. They can be a little more dressed-up, while still protecting your feet and providing comfortable walking support.

Check the dress code before setting sail.

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Before leaving for the cruise, be sure to take the time to carefully go over what's expected from the ship as far as etiquette and dress code goes. Each cruise line will provide a layout of what guests should pack for their adventure at sea and the excursions they've selected. For example, on Regent Cruises, they require "Country Club Casual" during the day and "Elegant Casual" after 6 p.m., with formal evenings, too. Their dress code guidelines also depend on the length of the cruise. In short, do your homework to ensure you have the best possible experience.

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