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30 Celebrities With Amazing Hidden Talents

Meet Angelina Jolie, master knife thrower.

Just like the rest of us normal-folk, celebrities look to their list of hobbies to keep them calm and grounded. Though, unlike us, every side-hustle and hobby acquired by our favorite celebrities are often accomplished in a near-perfect fashion, making our personal rendition of "Free Bird" look like child's play.

Whether the hidden talent is shockingly creepy (Kesha crafting art from human teeth), or strangely human (Ellen Page juggling oranges), it's no doubt that these celebrities definitely missed their calling. These are the celebrities with amazing hidden talents. And while you're reading up on celebs, be sure to check out these 30 Celebrities Who Are Amazing Artists on the Side.

Margot Robbie—tattoo artist

Margot Robbie
YouTube/Warner Bros. Television

While on the set of her film, Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie formed lasting friendships the way many of us do—by tattooing her crewmates. Apparently, Robbie has completed over 100 tattoos so far, and, according to her, she's only getting worse. At least she's honest about her side-hustle. Speaking of bad tattoos, don't miss this list of the The 30 Worst Celebrity Tattoos.

Angelina Jolie—master knife-thrower

angelina jolie
Everett Collection / Shutterstock

If there's one thing we know about Angelina Jolie, it's that the more dangerous and sinister the hobby, the more likely it is to be tested and tried by the star. Apparently, the actress learned all about knife throwing while on the set of Tomb Raider and has been collecting weapons since she was a young child. Once, on The Conan O'Brien Show, Jolie was able to test her knife-wielding abilities—to a completely silent audience.

Geena Davis—archer

geena davis

Once upon a time, in 1999, the multitalented actress competed in the U.S. Olympic semifinals for archery. Even though Davis failed to qualify for the 2000 Summer Olympics, she did place 24th out of 300. That's not too shabby, considering the actress only picked up the hobby two years prior to entering the competition.

Mike Tyson—pigeon racer

mike tyson

If you're unfamiliar with the lost art of pigeon racing, we'll explain it briefly for you. A homing pigeon (a specific type of domestic pigeon), are released from cages 100 miles away from their coop and are timed in their return to the coop. For perhaps one of the toughest boxers in history, this hobby can seem a little… strange. But, according to Tyson, his love for pigeons has been around since he was a child, keeping a pigeon coop in a rough-and-tumble- area of Brooklyn. As Tyson explains, "when we're on the roof with our birds, it's a whole different energy when we're with the homers. We're up there, it's almost like a therapy session." And for more bizarre celebrity trivia, here are 50 Crazy Celebrity Facts You Won't Believe Are True.

Mark Ruffalo—unicyclist

mark ruffalo

Back in 2015, Mark Ruffalo schooled us all in balance and composure when he made riding the unicycle look effortless on BBC's The Graham Norton Show. According to Ruffalo, he hadn't ridden on a unicycle in over 25 years before hopping on one during the show. For whatever reason, imagining Ruffalo riding a unicycle down the street doesn't feel out of place.

Jack White—upholsterer

Jack White

Jack White is a man's man. Before Jack White formed The White Stripes, his upholstery hobby was a full-time job as the creator of Third Man Upholstery. More recently, White has returned to his favorite hobby when he was commissioned to reupholster a couch from Sam Phillips Recording in Memphis, Tennessee. Similar to White's own personal style, the couch achieved a heavy level of vintage cool. For more on Jack White, check out his wacky rider request.

Pierce Brosnan—fire-eater

pierce brosnan

As it turns out, the James Bond bad boy had some pretty dangerous hobbies. Brosnan admits that upon entering a fire-eating clinic in 1969, the only thing intriguing to him were the topless women—so he decided to give fire-eating a try. I mean, why not? Since this clinic, Brosnan had made a couple of public fire-eating performances, but he is mostly retired from the sport.

Ellen Page—juggler

ellen page

While it may not seem like a super-impressive hobby, actress Ellen Page takes her juggling to the next level. Through multiple performances in private or on television, Page shows that she can do more than just throw three balls around—she can alternate and change direction or shape (she prefers to use fruit). This carefree hobby seems like the perfect fit for the Juno star.

Justin Bieber—master of the Rubik's Cube

justin bieber

Though his two-minute solving time is far slower than the 4.69 seconds world record, we still find it impressive that the pop singer can solve a puzzle so quickly. Maybe he should apply this problem-solving technique to his love life. Sorry, Selena.

Neil Patrick Harris—magician

neil patrick harris

Growing up in a small town in New Mexico, there wasn't much to do—so Neil Patrick Harris discovered magic. Since picking up the acting reigns, Harris hasn't left his favorite hobby behind—in fact, it's this hobby that drives him to pick particular roles, like his character, Count Olaf, on A Series of Unfortunate EventsAccording to Harris, there is a certain magic in choosing roles that require you to become a chameleon.

Conan O'Brien—tap dancer

conan o'brien

Late night host and comedian Conan O'Brien took tap dancing lessons as a young boy, and still finds every opportunity to show off his skills in clever, hilarious ways. Though he's not the best tap dancer around, his agility and smooth moves are still far better than a lot of other people his age.

Vanilla Ice—master jet skiier

vanilla ice

In fact, the rapper is so masterful at jet skiing that at an international competition in 1993, he placed 6th in the world. Not surprisingly, Vanilla Ice is also adept at motocross sports, often citing these endeavors as an escape from the daily rockstar grind.

Christina Hendricks—accordian player

christina hendricks

As you might have witnessed on an episode of Mad Men, talented bombshell Christina Hendricks is also a skilled accordion player. In an interview with LA Times Magazine, Hendricks explained what made her pick up the accordion a decade ago. "I also think it's a very romantic instrument, and it channels all the things I love—French culture, Tom Waits—and all the things I try to make my house look like." Sounds dreamy.

Steve Martin—accomplished banjo player

Steve Martin

Even early in Steve Martin's career, his satirical songs on the banjo were incredibly hysterical—and also displayed his immense musicianship. Martin's band, Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers have been making banjo music for years—even appearing on NPR's Tiny Desk concert series. Since finding his place in the world of comedy, Martin has discovered even more ways to make audiences smile.

Bruce Willis—harmonica player

Bruce Willis

Another gifted musician, Bruce Willis, brings the blues with him wherever he goes. The talented harmonica player has even collaborated with The Allman Brothers, proving that the actor has more than what it takes to be a musician.

Aaron Paul—dog whisperer

Aaron Paul

While he probably won't be the next Cesar Millan, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has acquired quite a unique ability when it comes to our furry friends. According to Paul, he can detect the sex of a dog just by petting its back. This theory was tested on Jimmy Kimmel Live where the actor's claim held up.

Susan Sarandon—ping pong player

Photo by Antony Jones/Getty Images susan sarandon cleavage

Actress Susan Sarandon loves ping pong so much that she opened a club, SPiN, in New York City, dedicated to the sport. This love of the ancient art form was ignited in Sarandon after she attended a ping pong party hosted by a friend. According to Sarandon, more than the actual sport itself, she enjoyed all of the interesting and colorful characters that it attracted.

Jennifer Garner—clogger

Jennifer Garner

In the past, former Alias star Jennifer Garner has admitted to possessing many hidden "hillbilly" talents like playing the spoons, saxophone, and yep—clogging. If you're not familiar with this genre of dance, it is an art form created in the Appalachians that requires participants to wear wooden dancing shoes. Though it may not be the most glamorous hobby, we're sure that Garner can rock those wooden shoes any day of the week.

Taylor Swift—jam and jelly maker

Taylor Swift

Pop queen Taylor Swift enjoys doing special acts of kindness for her friends. One of these acts of kindness has turned into a hobby of sorts for Swift, who grew up on a Christmas tree farm and watched her mother make homemade grape jelly every year for the holidays. This tradition inspired to concoct her own line of jellies and jams and distribute them to her nearest and dearest pals.

Bob Barker—black belt karate ninja

Bob barker

Bob Barker's swift hands are so dangerous that he should have them registered as a weapon. What makes this beloved talk show host even more lethal is the fact that he was trained by none other than the black belt master himself, Chuck Norris. Up until a few years ago, Barker claimed that he practiced karate daily.

Christopher Walken—lion-tamer

Christopher Walken

This extreme hobby doesn't seem out of character for the actor who claimed that the lion he tamed was so docile that it was more like a "house cat."

Kaley Cuoco—equestrian

kaley cuoco

If you're unaware of actress Kaley Cuoco's obsession with horses than you probably haven't been paying attention to her Instagram feed over the last few years. In fact, she loves horses so much that she even owns a few and still competes in jumping competitions. She also cites horseback riding as a great and easy workout.

Emma Roberts—master cry-baby

emma roberts

As it turns out, Emma Roberts is more than just a pretty face—she also possesses the ability to mimic the sounds of a crying baby—and it's completely creepy. She showed off her hidden talent on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno—and aptly described it as a sound that might disturb those in a quiet movie theater. Hey, regardless, it's a great way to get the theater all to yourself.

Bob Dylan—iron sculptor

Bob Dylan

Folk legend Bob Dylan can do more than just sing for social justice—he can also sculpt iron into beautiful creations. Over the years, Dylan has become so adept at the craft that he has shown his work at several galleries in New York. According to the musician, he was "born and raised in iron-ore country," AKA Hibbing, Minnesota, so he's made a habit of reworking discarded metal and turning it into something with more meaning. This is obviously a sentiment that Dylan has always carried with him.

Beyonce—Connect 4 champion


To beat the stress of a busy tour roster, Beyonce often turns to the meanest game on the streets—Connect 4. According to Kanye West's old blog, she beat him at the game 9 times in a row, further proving that Beyonce is the queen of everyone. For more on Queen B, don't miss 30 Awful Jobs Celebrities Had Before They Became Famous.

Demi Lovato—circus-like flexibility

Demi Lovato

The teen actor and pop star can twist her arms all the way around, thanks to being double-jointed. We're not sure we even want to see proof of this claim.

Johnny Cash—military code-breaker

johnny cash

While serving in the army during the Korean War, the Man in Black quickly rose through the ranks to become a military code-breaker. In fact, it's reported that Cash was the first American to hear news of the death of Joseph Stalin. While it isn't exactly a hobby, this side-gig definitely served as an inspiration for Cash's later songs.

Harrison Ford—pilot

Harrison Ford
Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Before Harrison Ford's career took flight, he found other ways to soar—as a licensed pilot. Unfortunately, this hobby proved to be expensive, so Ford didn't pick it back up until after his cash flow significantly increased. Harrison is such a skilled pilot that he has even recieved a few awards for his aerial prowess over the years.

Jason Lee—skateboarder

jason lee

My Name is Earl star Jason Lee was a professional skateboarder in the '80s and '90s before he pursued acting. The close pal of Tony Hawk and previous owner of Stereo Skateboards still has the moves to prove his skating prowess.

Kesha—teeth crafter


While Kesha was being treated for an eating disorder in 2014, she was still looking for ways to connect with her fans from a secluded location. When a fan sent her human teeth through the mail, Kesha had an idea for a new artistic endeavor—creating clothing and jewelry made out of teeth. According to the pop star, she made a bra, necklaces, and earrings before being scolded by the treatment center.

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