These Photos Prove That Brad Pitt Always Dresses Like His Girlfriends

The man is a true chameleon.

On Thursday, the Internet collectively lost its mind after photographer Sarah McGonagall posted photos from an newspaper article entitled, "Brad: The man who likes to look like his girlfriend."

True to the headline, the photos clearly show how the Hollywood actor seems to have virtually transformed into each one of his girlfriends while dating back in his heyday. Below, you see him adopting Angeline Jolie's Matrix-like look, Jennifer Aniston's frosted beach hair, and Gwyneth Paltrow's slick side-part.

Even when you take into account the fact that many of these hairstyles were trendy for both men and women at the time, it still doesn't explain how he managed to literally morph into every one of his lovers. Exhibit A: his long leather jacket is almost the exact same length as Thandie Newton's overcoat.

The thread, which currently has over 82k retweets and hundreds of comments, was a mind-blowing revelation.

People even started to share their own findings. Behold exhibit B: Brad Pitt looks like he stole the blazer and jeans straight out of the closet of Robin Givens, whom he dated from 1986 to 1987, while she was still married to Mike Tyson.

It really is kind of incredible.

People are now referring to him as "boyfriend chameleon" and comparing him to Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride, whose character appropriates the egg preferences of each of the men she almost marries because she doesn't have her own identity. Is that what this means, Brad?

Is this a sweet gesture or is it a bit psycho?

We may never know, but we'll also never be the same again. And for more on Hollywood megastars, don't miss these 50 Crazy Facts about Tom Cruise. 

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