This Is the Biggest Dealbreaker for Men, Study Says

This relationship red flag could be driving men away.

While everyone is looking for different boxes to be checked by their potential partner, there are some attributes most people agree are important. It may not be a huge shock to find that the biggest dealbreaker for a man is related to appearance. However, it's not the general perceived attractiveness of their potential partner that men are concerned about, but rather how well they take care of themselves. A study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin in 2015 found that the most common dealbreaker for men when considering a long-term committed relationship is actually a disheveled or unclean appearance.

The study gave 5,541 U.S. singles a list of 17 undesirable personality traits and tasked them with deciding which would be dealbreakers in a long-term partner. The study found that men were most commonly bothered by a disheveled, unclean appearance, causing 63 percent of them to mark the trait as a dealbreaker. Women were just as turned off by an unkempt appearance, with 71 percent of them saying it would be a dealbreaker.

Couple on a bad date

The runner-up dealbreaker for men was laziness, with 60 percent of men saying that laziness would be enough to cause the relationship to come to an end. The two dealbreakers are somewhat tied together—a person with a disheveled appearance is often lazy, and vice versa. Women also found these two attributes to be extremely unattractive, and ranked them as their top two dealbreakers as well.

The consensus between genders seems to be that we all want our partners to take enough pride in themselves to take care of themselves. An unkempt, messy appearance highlights neglect and a lack of self-esteem, which is a general turn-off.

If you're guilty of heading out to a date in sweatpants with unwashed hair, you may want to clean up your act and show your potential partner that you care. And for more common dealbreakers, Two-Thirds of People Say This Is a Dating Dealbreaker.

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