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These Are the 2 Best Days to Shop at Kroger, Experts Say

Heading in on these days can help save you time and money.

Let's face it: Grocery shopping is sometimes a chore. If you truly enjoy navigating the aisles, waiting in line, and trying not to bump into someone with your cart, that's commendable. Not to mention, lately, it's borderline painful at the register, as inflation continues to drive food prices up and up. If you're a Kroger shopper, however, there's a light at the end of the tunnel: Experts say there are a few days that can help you avoid the hustle and bustle—and save some cash while doing so. Read on to find out the two best days to shop at Kroger.

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One weekday reigns supreme.

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As The Daily Meal first reported, there are two specific days to get your grocery shopping done at Kroger. The first is "hump day." As Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with points out, Kroger releases new ads on Wednesdays.

"This means that's when new sales kick in, so it's a good time to take advantage of those," Ramhold tells Best Life, highlighting that Wednesday is also unique since it's in the middle of the week. "Many people do their shopping for the upcoming week on Sundays, so not only will you get the first pick of the newest sales by shopping on Wednesday, you'll also potentially be able to avoid crowds."

If you plan to switch to Wednesday Kroger trips, there is one key detail to keep in mind, The Daily Meal points out. Kroger's new weekly ad is available at midnight on Wednesday for those on Eastern Time (ET). But for those in Indiana (excluding Southeast Indiana and Evansville), Illinois, and Eastern Missouri, you have to wait until midnight on Thursday for the weekly ad, according to Kroger's website.

Friday is another ideal shopping day.

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When planning your next shopping excursion, consider heading in on a Friday—even if you have to go after the workday's done. "Kroger has 'Free Friday' promotions, where shoppers can download a coupon for a free item," Ramhold explains. "The product will vary, but it's always good to check to see what it's for and if you're interested, in order to get a freebie."

Ramhold adds that weekend sales are another plus, as they start on Friday—meaning you can avoid the weekend craziness. "It's worth checking out their promotions page to see what kinds of offers are on tap if you're thinking of shopping on Friday, she says.

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Ramhold says Mondays might be a good alternative, too.

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Going to Kroger during the standard workweek is your best bet, according to Ramhold. "Most people aren't interested in doing their big shopping then, or don't have the time."

Depending on where you live, Mondays may be another good choice, she says. But, in general, avoid the weekend days.

"I'd say Saturdays and Sundays are probably the worst time to shop, especially if you're in an area where people may be purchasing items for tailgating or something like that, as the stores tend to get very crowded with shoppers looking for snacks and drinks for their game day parties," Ramhold says.

Consider other tips and tricks for shopping at Kroger.

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In addition to shifting your shopping schedule, Ramhold offers a few other suggestions to optimize your Kroger trip.

"If you're looking to save in general, it's a good idea to sign up for a free Kroger Plus account so that you can receive and redeem digital coupons and earn things like points whenever you shop," she explains. "The big draw of the loyalty program is the personalized and exclusive savings you'll receive based on purchases you make. This can really help to cut back on your regular go-tos and make your grocery budget easier to stick to."

Even though we're in the digital age, Ramhold also notes that hardcopy coupons are still valuable. Some can even be used up to five times on items like tortilla chips, sour cream, and even Ben & Jerry's ice cream. "If you're planning to be a regular shopper at Kroger, it's absolutely worth looking out for these specific coupons to make your dollar stretch even further," she notes.

Lastly, she recommends downloading the Kroger app, which you can use for no-contact payment, to scan your loyalty card, or track your delivery or pickup order. "Instead of doomscrolling at night, you can open up the Kroger app and browse current savings instead—and plan your next shopping trip with ease," Ramhold says.

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