23 Genius Ways to Turn Your Attic Into Something Amazing

It doesn't have to be the Island of Misfit Family Heirlooms.

23 Genius Ways to Turn Your Attic Into Something Amazing

If you’re spending your hard-earned cash on a mortgage each month, then you might as well get the most out of every inch of your home. That means not only setting up a top-notch living space on the main floors, but also taking advantage of the spaces many people overlook. In other words: your attic.

That’s right, your attic can be more than just a place for unwanted family heirlooms and discarded holiday decorations. To help you transform it from dusty antique shop to 21st-century chic, we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to maximize the space. From a stunning master bedroom with an A-frame ceiling to a functional music studio with soundproof walls, we’ve got the solution for you. If you’re looking to make other improvements, start by eyeing the 30 Ways Your Home is Hopelessly Outdated.

Convert your attic into a dream master bedroom.

Renovating your attic could give you the space you need to design the master bedroom of your dreams. Envision a king-sized bed and large antique dressers, plus heavenly lighting and expansive windows that open up to the sky. If your attic is large enough, you might even be able to create a cozy reading nook to wind down in at the end of the day. Whatever you do, just make sure you avoid the Worst Home Decorating Trends from the Year You Were Born!

Create the walk-in closet you’ve always wanted.

Not every master bedroom is blessed with a walk-in closet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create one yourself. Your attic could be the perfect place for all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories. If it’s spacious enough, you could even add a chic freestanding mirror and makeup vanity. You’ll find that getting ready is even more fun when you’ve got a beautiful space to do it in. Looking to decorate on a budget? Check out the 23 home decor items you won’t believe are from Walmart!

Indulge your senses with a luxury bathroom.

We know, we know: This one is a ton of work. (And likely requires ungodly sums of money.) But if you’re constantly fighting with family members to get into the bathroom, it could be worth it. Channel your favorite spa with a spacious shower, a jacuzzi tub, and plush towels. It just might become your favorite room in the house. If you’re a fan of interior design, you’ll want to read these 30 Hilarious Jokes About Home Design Shows!

Get functional with a kitchenette.

Order some customized cupboards and matching countertops, as well as the basic necessities—a sink, an oven, and a mini-fridge—and you’ve got the beginnings of an attic kitchenette. Depending on how much space you’ve got up there, you could also include a table and chairs, a bar cart, or a few shelves to store whatever you happen to be whipping up.


Design a home theater that will impress your friends.

Who hasn’t dreamed of having their very own home theater? The attic is a perfect space to make that dream a reality. Start with a big-screen television and a stellar sound system—then let your creativity soar. You could opt for a super comfy couch that can fit the entire family, or set up rows of seats for a look that is more reminiscent of an actual movie theater. You’re the star of this story, so it’s up to you. For more design hacks, check out 15 Genius Tricks for Making Any Small Room Feel Huge!

Build the ultimate playroom for your kids.

Sometimes your little ones need a place to burn off energy and have fun. And maybe you need that, too. If you don’t have a backyard and don’t live near a park, then you might consider setting up an indoor play area in your attic. Hang a swing from a sturdy beam, assemble a mini slide, and maybe even pick up a ball pit. We bet your kids would love to help out.

Add a game room that will keep everyone entertained.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a playroom but are a bit more of a “big kid,” then perhaps you should turn your attic into a game room. Plug in a few video-game consoles and pop a dartboard on the wall and you have the perfect space to entertain your friends. We’ll join you in praying that that pool table can get up the stairs.

Create a private nook for your kids.

Adults aren’t the only ones who need time to themselves. Kids of all ages can benefit from having a space that’s all their own. If your little ones are mature enough, turn your attic space into a private nook for them, and include a few things that will make them want to spend time there. That could be anything from a child-sized desk or a comfy reading chair to some beautiful wall art or a painting easel.

Clear the clutter by building a library.

Just because you’ve got a thing for reading doesn’t mean you have to live your life with stacks of books all over the house. Tidy things up by transforming your attic into a library. Build a few shelves and you’re all set. The only thing left to do is find a comfy chair that you can cuddle up in as you read.

Get productive with a home office.

Whether you work from home full-time or find yourself putting in a little overtime late at night, setting up an attic office could be what helps you meet your fullest potential. A table or desk with a comfortable chair is all you really need, but if you want to set up a space that really inspires you to do your best work, then you could get as creative as you want. You should also know the 20 Genius Tricks for a Perfectly Organized Desk.

Gift yourself an art, photography, or craft studio.

If your work, or even your hobbies, lean on the creative side, you might want to turn your attic into an inspirational art studio. Set up whatever it is you need to indulge your craft—scrapbooking materials, a tripod, a sewing machine, etc.—and you’ll have an inspiring place to create in no time

Get funky with a music studio.

Having a jam space in your garage is great, but if you’re serious about your craft, you could make a D.I.Y music studio right in your attic. Grab your guitar, unload the drums, and take out your tambourine (you do have a tambourine, don’t you?), and set up a space that will act as your home stage. Soundproofing, band posters, and disco lights are optional.

Install a listening lounge.

If you’re not a musician yourself, but still have a deep love for the art, then you’d likely love a listening lounge. Include some comfortable seating that you can sink right into, as well as a crystal-clear sound system, and you’ve got the perfect place to unwind.

Get in shape with a home gym.

If you’d rather workout than rock out, a home gym might be just what the doctor ordered—and an unused attic is the ideal place to set up everything you need. In addition to whatever aerobic and weight machines you prefer, be sure to add an epic sound system to pump out your favorite workout playlist. And don’t miss the 27 Affordable Ways to Create a Luxury Home Gym.

Find your zen with a home yoga studio.

If your idea of self-care has more to do with calming yourself down than pumping yourself up, you might consider arranging your attic into a yoga studio. Paint the walls a soothing color, pick up some yoga blocks, and throw down your mat. It’s an instant attic oasis.

Erect a climbing wall and get adventurous.

If the idea of a traditional home gym or yoga studio sounds too blah to you, try an indoor climbing wall. Order some climbing holds and install them onto the walls and ceiling of your attic. You may also want to lay down a few mats on the floor to save yourself if (or, more likely, when) you lose your grip.

Switch up your workout with a circus space.

If you ever dreamed of running away to join the circus, then you’ll be pleased to find out that you can get those thrills from the comfort of your own home. Install an aerial hoop and you’ll soon be able to swing, twist, turn, and flip your way into some attic-based acrobatics.

Assemble an obstacle course.

Prepare for the next Spartan Race or Tough Mudder by assembling an attic obstacle course. Channel your inner American Ninja Warrior with hanging rings and ropes, a climbing cargo net, and even a salmon ladder if you’re up for it (i.e. if you have some serious upper-body strength and hyper coordination skills).

Put in a pub and invite your friends.

Not everyone wants to work up a sweat in their spare time. Some would rather unwind at the local watering hole. If that sounds like you and your buddies, then a home pub could be the perfect use for your attic. Build a bar that’s as simple or as fancy as you’d like, pull up some stools, and bring up a mini-fridge of your favorite beer.

Design a display for your collectibles.

Every collector needs a place to keep whatever it is they collect. And if your collection has outgrown the space where you normally store it, consider designing a display for your beloved treasures in your attic. Use shelves, tables, racks, or glass cases to show off your items in a way that will make you proud.


Lean in with a lookout.

If your attic boasts a stunning set of windows, you’re missing out if you haven’t created a lookout. Add a comfy sofa or chair and you’ve got the perfect spot to watch the clouds, birds, and people.

Set up a greenhouse.

Another idea for a super bright attic is a greenhouse. Bring up some of your favorite plants and make sure they’re in a spot where they will get plenty of sunshine. Head up there every so often to give them some water and TLC, and soon you’ll have an indoor jungle of your own. If you don’t have windows, you could also opt for an indoor garden lighting system. But before you get too involved, make sure you know the 50 Ways You’re Damaging Your Home Without Knowing It!

Open up your space to create a loft.

Open up your attic to the level below and you’ve just created a stylish loft. You’ll probably have so much room for activities! But if the room still feels tight, try one of these 30 Home Design Tricks to Make Any Room Feel Bigger.

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