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This Resurfaced Jennifer Aniston Interview Has Fans Horrified

This awkward moment from a 1998 interview with David Letterman hasn't aged well.

In the wake of the popular documentary Framing Britney Spears, which highlighted the media's mistreatment of the young female star, many old interviews are being resurfaced and viewed through a new, more critical lens. A 1998 Late Show interview between Jennifer Aniston and David Letterman is the latest moment getting new attention, and some fans are horrified. Keep reading to find out why this '90s interview has so many people put off, and for more Aniston news, Jennifer Aniston Shared the One Thing She'd Never Do in a Relationship.

David Letterman sucked on Jennifer Aniston's hair on live TV.

Jennifer Aniston on David Letterman

In 1998, at the height of her Friends fame, Aniston was on The Late Show to do an interview with David Letterman. In the middle of the interview, Letterman ventured off-topic and said, "Forgive me if this is rude. I just want to try one thing." He then proceeded to scoot over to Aniston, place his hand on her shoulder, and attempt to put a tendril of her hair in his mouth. Aniston let out a shriek when she turned to see how close Letterman was to her face and asked what he was doing.

Rather than respond, Letterman proceeded to pop her hair into his mouth and suck on it until he pulled back from her, letting her hair fall out of his mouth. He then handed her a napkin, and she made a disgusted face while dabbing her hair dry. And for another moment the star cringes at, Jennifer Aniston Says This Was Her Most Embarrassing Moment.

Aniston ended up apologizing for the awkward moment.

Jennifer Aniston on David Letterman

Aniston pointed out that people were visibly uncomfortable in the audience. "I know people are horrified by that," Letterman responded, and told Aniston they could take it out in editing, which they obviously did not.

"That was something that I'll never forget," Aniston said. Letterman then accused Aniston of frightening him because of her shriek. "How do you think I felt?" he asked. "You ruined it for me. Are you happy?" Then Aniston apologized.

Best Life reached out to a representative for Letterman for comment on the 1998 interview, but has yet to hear back. And for another recent Aniston moment that had the internet abuzz, Jennifer Aniston Is Facing Backlash After Posting This on Instagram.

Letterman accused Aniston of being traumatized, and she agreed.

Jennifer Aniston on David Letterman

Letterman tried to move the interview along and asked Aniston about the movie she was there to promote, The Object of My Affection. When the star struggled to string together an explanation of the film while visibly shaken from the interaction, Letterman interrupted, "You're still traumatized by that hair deal." Aniston responded, "I am."

"I hope you're going to be able to get over this," Letterman joked, referencing a 12-step program. "I'm going to try," Aniston replied. And for more celebrity content delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter.

This is the second Letterman interview to resurface recently.

Lindsay Lohan interview David Letterman

Just last week, another, more recent Letterman interview resurfaced and drew ire online. The host came under fire for asking personal questions regarding Lindsay Lohan's struggles with addiction during a 2013 interview. After Letterman asked why Lohan was admitting herself into rehab, she turned to the audience to clarify, "We didn't discuss this in pre-interview." Letterman continued to push the envelope, and Lohan had to remind him that she was there to promote a movie.

After reading a list of questions Letterman had prepared, all aimed at Lohan's personal life, she said, "You can't make a joke of it. That's so mean. No. No, we're not doing that. This is my show now." And for more recent Letterman news, Drew Barrymore Just Got Emotional Over This Birthday Surprise.

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