Jennifer Aniston Says This Was Her Most Embarrassing Moment

The Friends star's most humiliating memory involves one of her famous exes.

She may be a powerful producer, an award-winning actor, and one of the most loved celebrities we've got, but not even Jennifer Aniston is immune to embarrassing moments. She's even opened up about some of her worst over the years. Keep reading to find out which mortifying experience still haunts the Friends alum, and for more about the star, check out Jennifer Aniston Is Facing Backlash After Posting This on Instagram.

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One of Aniston's most embarrassing moments involved her ex Justin Theroux.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2015
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One of the hazards of dating as an actor is that your significant other can always seek out some of your…less prestigious work. This happened to Aniston in the early days of her romance with now ex-husband Justin Theroux, and it involved the 1993 low-budget horror movie Leprechaun, in which she starred. She looked back on the humbling experience during a 2014 appearance on The Graham Norton Show, as Express UK reports.

"Actually, it was a mortifying moment when Justin and I had just started to date," Aniston said. "He was flipping through the channels and he stumbled upon that. And that was our next two hours, much to my embarrassment."

When she dropped by The Talk that same year, Aniston recounted the story again, adding that Theroux was watching the movie "as though it was the most incredible thing he'd ever seen."

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Co-star Courteney Cox's most embarrassing moment is a doozy.

Courteney Cox

In a 2019 Q&A with The Guardian, Aniston's pal and Friends co-star Courteney Cox recounted her most embarrassing moment, which dates back to her childhood.

"When I was very young, my older brother and two older sisters told me that there was an emergency and I had to get out of the shower, then pushed me outside and locked the door," the star explained. "I was completely naked and couldn't get back in." Siblings are ruthless.

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Neither of Jennifer Lawrence's most embarrassing moments involve tripping.

Jennifer Lawrence
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You may have assumed that you witnessed Jennifer Lawrence's most embarrassing moment when she tripped up the stairs as she collected her Oscar in 2013. But the admittedly clumsy actor counts two other humiliating experiences as her worst. During a 2015 interview with Jimmy Fallon, Lawrence remembered being at an industry party introducing a woman who had come up to compliment her performance in Silver Linings Playbook to a friend as Elizabeth Taylor. The actor had forgotten, of course, that Taylor had passed away a year before that film came out.

The second she realized that she'd made the mistake, Lawrence said, she "just took off running."

Her other most embarrassing moment happened at a restaurant in Paris when she decided to walk over and introduce herself to director Francis Ford Coppola and all of his dining companions. Lawrence didn't realize until she returned to her own table that the zip on the side of her dress had slid down, exposing her underwear.

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Kevin Hart's most embarrassing moment happened in high school.

Kevin Hart
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Comedian and actor Kevin Hart revealed his teenage scheme to get attention from the girls at his high school, which led to him getting "caught with sneakers on that were too big."

"When I was younger, I took my brother's sneakers and wore them to school and they were a size 10. At the time I was a size 7," Hart said during the special Graduate Together: America Honors the Class of 2020, as reported by Today. He added, "That backfired on me."

"As you can imagine, I was probably one of the most popular kids in school," Hart also said during the special. "That's a lie! I wasn't. I was definitely one of the funniest."

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