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Here's the Secret Second Use for Your Yogurt Lid

No spoon? No problem!

So, you've decided that 2018 will be the year that you start bringing all your meals from home. You're going to put all that cash you save into your investment accounts. You're going to finally drop those last 10 pounds that have been plaguing you. So, you prep. You pack. And when you arrive at work, you realize you've left your utensils back at home.

For many people, this could mean the difference between going hungry until you get home or being forced to use one of those questionably clean utensils in your office kitchen. Worse yet, you could be tempted to buy a box of plastic utensils, a major contributor to the 6 million tons of single-use plastic waste humans produce each year. The good news? If yogurt's on your menu, you might just have saved your meal.

This probiotic powerhouse has a nifty trick built right into its container. You know that foil lid on the top of your yogurt? The one you may have licked when you thought nobody else was watching? It turns out that might just be the handiest tool in your at-work eating arsenal.

Yogurt lid spoon

Luckily for utensil-less you, the lid on your yogurt is stronger than your average foil, making it the perfect alternative to a traditional spoon when you're in a pinch. Start by folding the foil lid so that two of its rounded edges meet one another in the middle. Next, fold the lid in half so that there is a crease through the center between where the already-folded edges meet. Then, pinch or twist one end of the lid so that you've created an easily-grippable handle. On the other end of the lid, there should be just enough space to scoop your yogurt. Voila! You've got a makeshift spoon and don't have to waste any money on plastic cutlery. And when you want to make better choices at your next meal, skip the 40 Unhealthiest Foods if You're Over 40!

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Sarah Crow
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