These Are the Paint Colors You Should Never Use in Your Home

These poor paint choices might have you seeing red.

young woman standing on ladder doing wall painting.

A fresh coat of paint can instantly change the feeling of a space, whether you're adding some ecru to your bedroom walls or beautifying your home's exterior with a few coats of bluish-gray. However, when it comes to choosing the right paint, not all colors are created equal. Whether you're eager to curb your junk food jones or want to sleep better at night, these are the colors you should never paint your home.

Never Use Red in the Bedroom

A Male Painter Painting Walls Red Worst Paint Colors

Even if red is your favorite color, it shouldn't be your first choice when giving your bedroom a makeover. According to research published in the journal Emotion, the color red evokes an intense physical and emotional reaction in people—and not in a good way. Evidently, since we tend to associate the color red with danger, people feel threatened when they see it.

In turn, this "evokes worry, task distraction, and self-preoccupation, all of which have been shown to tax mental resources," the authors of the study explained in their paper. The result? A sleeping space that's anything but tranquil.

Don't Use White Walls in Your Home Office

A Trendy Home Office with White Walls Worst Paint Colors

According to author Margaret Portillo's Color Planning for Interiors: An Integrated Approach to Color in Designed Spaces, "Environmental color specialists Frank Mahnke and Rudolf Mahnke argue that predominately white, brightly lit interior environments contribute to eye fatigue and psychological discomfort." So unless you want that workday to seem interminably long, at least add an accent wall.

Avoid Marigold Walls in the Kitchen

A Kitchen with Marigold Yellow Walls Worst Paint Colors

You might absolutely adore the way your kitchen looks with marigold walls, but using this shade is only going to hurt your bank account in the long run. When Zillow analyzed more than 32,000 photos of recently purchased homes, they found that houses with straw yellow kitchens fetched $820 less than what the real estate website predicted they would.

And Nix That Yellow Exterior, Too

yellow house colors you should never use in your home

That buttery-yellow exterior hue may look cheery to you, but it may be a turnoff to buyers when it comes time to sell. According to a 2018 Zillow report, homes with yellow exterior paint sold for $3,408 less than anticipated.

Never Paint Your Bedroom Walls Purple

A Very Purple Bedroom Worst Paint Colors

Though deep purple walls can make a simple bedroom feel like a posh palace, you probably want to avoid using the royal hue in your sleeping quarters. Why? When Travelodge compiled data from 2,000 British homes, they found that the color purple was the least conducive to a good night's rest.

According to their results, people with purple walls in the bedroom received an average of just five hours and 56 minutes of sleep per night, well below the recommended 8 hours. People with blue walls slept the best and got seven hours and 52 minutes of sleep.

Say No to Copper Red in the Dining Room

A Dining Room with a Copper Red Accent Wall Worst Paint Colors

Copper red and terracotta are two colors that potential new homeowners do not like seeing in dining rooms. Based on Zillow's findings, homes with dining areas painted in these shades sold for $2,031 less than anticipated, while houses featuring slate blue walls in the dining room brought in an average of $1,926 more than similar houses on the market.

Don't Give Your Living Room a Pale Gray Upgrade

A Living Room with Light Gray Walls Worst Paint Colors

You can keep your Fifty Shades of Grey on your nightstand, but don't so much as think about applying the color to your living room walls. According to Zillow, houses with pastel gray, pale silver, or periwinkle living room walls sold for $820 less than similar (but more modish) dwellings on the market.

Skip the Blue in the Kitchen

blue kitchen colors you should never use in your house
Shutterstock/LightField Studios

If you're eager to shed a few pounds, it's best to avoid blue paint in the kitchen. According to one study published in Appetitewhen presented with food and drink in blue containers, people tended to consume more, so just imagine what a whole room in the hue could do for your hunger.

Ditch the White Walls in Your Bathroom

A Bathroom With Off-White Eggshell Walls Worst Paint Colors

Surprisingly enough, people don't seem to like the look of off-white walls in the bathroom. In Zillow's data set, the paint color/room combo had the most profound effect of any, with homes featuring eggshell white bathrooms selling for a staggering $4,035 below average.

Pass on Pink Walls in the Kids' Bedrooms

A Little Girl's Room with Pink Walls Worst Paint Colors

Pink walls might be adorable for a toddler or pre-teen, but eventually, your daughter is going to get older and demand a more neutral tone on her walls. And potential homeowners tend to agree, too: Based on Zillow's findings, homes with bedrooms painted light pink sell for approximately $208 below average.

Avoid a Brown Exterior

House with a Taupe Exterior Worst Paint Colors

While taupe may be a relaxing color on your interior walls, it's best to forgo the entire spectrum of brown paints on the outside of your home if you're planning to sell it soon. According to Zillow, brown exteriors cost sellers an average of $1,970.

Don't Immediately Opt for a Colorful Nursery

colorful nursery colors you should never use at home
Shutterstock/New Africa

If you haven't gotten around to creating that dreamy, colorful nursery for your little one by the time he or she arrives, that project can probably wait for a while. Babies typically don't experience full-color vision until they're about five months old, so if you didn't have a ton of time to paint, don't sweat it.

Avoid Pantone 448C in Every Room

Swatch of Pantone 448C Worst Paint Colors

A few years ago, the dark brown Pantone 448C was dubbed the ugliest color in the world. The color is so unappealing, in fact, that countries like France, the United Kingdom, and Australia even use it as the standard color for cigarette packaging in order to deter customers from buying the product. Truly, there is no place in the home where this bleak shade of brown belongs. And for more interior faux pas, check out these 20 Common Decorating Tips You Should Always Ignore.

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