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6 Places in Your Home that Need a Wallpaper Accent Wall, Design Experts Say

Design pros show you where to add a pop of pattern or color.

According to a 2022 home decor report by real estate website Opendoor, 77 percent of homeowners "are captivated by the idea of brightly-colored accent walls inside their homes." And one of the most effective ways to upgrade a space with an accent wall is with wallpaper.

"Choosing the right accent wallpaper depends first on an individual's own style—one person might love a dark and moody print while another wants something more earthy," says Yasmine El Sanyoura, home designer at Opendoor. "That's why wallpaper is a great option, especially for certain spaces."

And what spaces might these be? According to design experts, among the places in your home that are perfect for a wallpaper accent wall are tiny powder rooms and entry halls. To learn where else you can add visual interest, keep reading to hear from El Sanyoura and other interior designers.

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6 Places in Your Home for a Wallpaper Accent Wall

1. The entry hall

An entry hall with black-and-white printed wallpaper and black trim
Procreators / Shutterstock

This utilitarian space is often overlooked, becoming a catch-all for clutter and otherwise ignored.

But Artem Kropovinsky, founder of the interior design studio Arsight, explains that a wallpaper accent wall in the entry hall "adds some spice and charm to a space that might otherwise be boring or narrow."

"It also gives your guests a glimpse of your style and personality as they enter your home," Kropovinsky adds.

He notes that you'll want to consider the scale and proportion of your wallpaper pattern to make sure it suits the size and shape of your entry hall and doesn't overpower or underplay your space.

"You can opt for something simple and sophisticated, like a textured or metallic wallpaper, or something lively and colorful, like a floral or geometric wallpaper," he says.

2. Powder room

Detail of a bathroom with a grey cabinet, wooden circular mirror, and patterned wallpaper.
Joe Hendrickson / iStock

Though a dramatic powder room with statement wallpaper isn't a new look, it's still a great idea.

"They're only occupied for short periods of time, so going for bolder colors or patterns makes a big impact without feeling overwhelming," suggests El Sanyoura. "Instead, this lends more of an escapist feel and can be a great way to show off your personality."

You can choose a wallpaper that goes well with your tiles, vanity, or fixtures, or opt for something totally different to create a contrast.

3. Dining room

log accent wallpaper in dining room
Ground Picture / shutterstock

The dining room may not be your home's most-often used room, or it may hold a "formal" stigma that makes us hesitant to get creative with the design. But dining rooms are an excellent place to add a wallpaper accent wall, creating a dramatic focal point.

Todd Saunders, CEO of Flooring Stores, suggests wallpaper that ties into the room's overall color scheme. "Picking a print that matches the color of your tablecloth, for example, will instantly make the room feel more pulled together when you're entertaining guests."

4. Nurseries and kids' rooms

wallpaper in kids room
Ground Picture/shutterstock

A nursery or a kids' room is a great place to experiment with colorful wallpaper accents.

"Go for fun shapes, patterns, and colors that a little one would love," says El Sanyoura. "I suggest a soothing color like pale green or blue to encourage a sleep-friendly environment, while young kids' can have a lot of fun with different themes and patterns [like] dinosaurs or outer space."

5. Home office

Home Office with Gold Desk Lamp and Bold Geometric Wallpaper
Fio Creative / Shutterstock

With remote and hybrid work more common than ever, offices have become key areas of the home. The space is typically purely functional, but the design aesthetic can make an impact on how we perceive the space.

"By adding a wallpaper accent wall behind a workstation, the backdrop will add a sense of whimsy and fun," points out El Sanyoura.

"I'd recommend either a soothing color—think pale green, blue, or greige—or a fun pattern in a neutral color palette," she adds. "That way, the wallpaper won't be too distracting for the eye when working, while still adding a bit of fun to a space mostly devoted to productivity."

6. Decorative nooks and niches

living room with floral wallpaper, gray walls, and gray chair

"Wallpaper can be used to signal a specific activity takes place in a certain area within the home," notes El Sanyoura. "I love the thought of a relaxing wallpaper next to a cozy chaise lounge meant for reading, or a bold, feminine pattern near the vanity to inspire your next skincare and makeup routine."

Los Angeles-based interior designer John Linden also suggests adding a geometric pattern to the backs of shelves or cabinets, a different color or pattern to the walls around a seating area, or a wallpaper with a unique pattern to the walls behind a bed or desk.

More tips for adding a wallpaper accent wall.

Mirror on patterned wallpaper above grey table with flowers in scandi living room interior
Ground Picture / Shutterstock

According to Mark Nichols, architect and strategic construction advisor at Real Estate Bees, you'll want to pay attention to where a wall starts and stops when considering wallpapering it. An ideal place for an accent wall is at a recess or a nook in a room because it is bookended by walls that create a clear starting and stopping point, which is especially important if the wallpaper has a lot of pattern or texture

Avoid picking large expanses where the wallpaper might lose its effect as an accent. And don't stop the wallpaper mid-wall.

"You also don't want it competing with other building elements such as doors or windows, so avoid putting it on walls with closet doors or entry doors or windows and instead find a nice blank wall where the brilliant piece of wallpaper that you meticulously selected can shine," Nichols adds.

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