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7 Worst Dog Breeds to Own, Vet Tech Says

Based on their health and behavior, these dogs may not be right for you.

There are few things you can get almost everyone to agree on, but it's hard to argue with this simple fact: We love our dogs. While we may have disagreements when it comes to the ideal size or temperament for a pooch, we can at least agree that these pets are the perfect addition to a household. But some dogs may be harder to deal with than others, whether because of bad behaviors, poor hygiene, or chronic health issues. Veterinary technicians have seen a wide range of all of the above, and now one has taken to social media to share the seven worst dog breeds to own.

In a post to her TikTok account, @twinmomkristen, Kristen Hulbert has revealed the "dog breeds I would never own as a vet tech." The caption puts it in even simpler terms: "WORST DOGS!" Read on to find out why she doesn't recommend adopting any of these pups.

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English Mastiff dog in green summer grass
Volodymyr Burdiak / Shutterstock

"Too much drool!" Hulbert proclaims about the Mastiff. And she's probably not wrong. The American Kennel Club (AKC) gives Mastiffs a drool rating of 4 out of 5, putting these guys close to the "always have a towel" level.

It's also worth noting that the Mastiff is "massive," per the AKC, which cautions, "Acquiring a powerful giant-breed dog is [a] commitment not to be taken lightly."

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husky puppy with toys
Andrii Spy_k / Shutterstock

Hulbert does not mince words about the Siberian Husky either. She says these gorgeous dogs "will eat all your walls and just scream!"

The AKC does not echo that oddly specific warning—but they do give the Husky a maximum score of 5 in three key categories: playfulness ("non-stop"), energy level ("high energy"), and barking level ("very vocal").

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Shar Pei

Shar Pei puppy sleeping
djile / Shutterstock

The Shar Pei is well known for its adorably wrinkled skin, but that doesn't come without its challenges. Hulbert includes these dogs on her list, saying you can "call them the 'skin infection.'"

As Mar Vista Animal Medical Center explains, "The enclosed spaces between the Shar pei's wrinkles form excellent incubators for Staphylococci and other bacteria. Skin fold infections may result. In this condition, which usually involves the folds around the muzzle, skin becomes red and moist and soon begins to smell."

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German Shepherd

german shepherd running in a field

As intimidating as German Shepherds can look, Hulbert calls these dogs "the BIGGEST scaredy-cats!"

By contrast, the AKC says that "courageous" German Shepherds have a "willingness to put their life on the line in defense of loved ones." It sounds like Hulbert has had a different experience with this breed as a vet tech.

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Chow Chow

A light brown Chow Chow dog laying down in the house with his black tongue out.
Serhii Khomiak / Shutterstock

Unlike German Shepherds, fluffy Chow Chows look sweet and cuddly, but don't let that fool you, Hulbert cautions. In her TikTok, she claims this breed "will eat the [expletive] out of you!"

The AKC doesn't go quite that far, but it does note that Chow Chows are "aloof with strangers," and that probably includes vet techs. "Well-socialized Chows are never fierce or intractable, but always refined and dignified," the AKC adds, so that will require some work on the part of their owners.

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large english bulldog
Olga Aniven / Shutterstock

Bulldogs are prone to health problems, or as Hulbert puts it, "You better be able to afford a vet bill EVERY MONTH!"

Forbes has a long list of potential health issues that the English Bulldog is susceptible to, including breathing problems, skin and ear problems, and eye disorders. Per a 2022 study published in Canine Medicine and Genetics, this breed is twice as likely to have health problems as others.

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chihuahua sitting in dog bed
Olena Tselykh / Shutterstock

Finally, there's the small but mighty Chihuahua. Hulbert closes out her TikTok with this breed, saying a Chihuahua "bites everyone with ZERO remorse!"

The AKC doesn't go that far, but it does give Chihuahuas a 4 for watchdog/protective nature, meaning they are "vigilant," and a 2 on the openness to strangers scale, meaning they're "reserved." Puppy in Training says, "They are incredibly loving and affectionate dogs when it comes to their favorite person and their family, but they can be mean and aggressive when confronted with strangers and strange situations."

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