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USPS Temporarily Suspending Services in These States

The agency has adjusted its operations in several places recently.

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is currently coming off a hectic shipping season. But that's not the only problem the postal agency has faced over the last month. They've also been plagued by hazardous weather, unforeseen emergencies, and lease troubles—and as a result, the agency is suspending services in several places. Read on to find out about how the USPS has recently adjusted its operations in four different states: South Dakota, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Missouri.

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South Dakota

BRONX, NEW YORK - JANUARY 7: Mail man pushes mail carriage during snow storm. Taken January 7, 2017 in New York.

The USPS's first update of the new year to its Service Alerts website is warning those in South Dakota about a recent closure. In the Jan. 2 alert, the agency announced that a facility in Pierpont, South Dakota, is now "temporarily closed."

The Pierpont Post Office located at 121 W. Main St. was shut down at the end of the year due to "recent snowstorms" in the area, according to a separate local press release from the Postal Service.

When Best Life reached out to the USPS about this closure, spokesperson Mark Inglett said that he does not "have a timeline on the reopening."

So for the time being, customers of the Pierpont Post Office are being directed to the nearby Groton Post Office. Delivery and retail operations as well as P.O. Box mail for the closed facility have all been temporarily relocated here, according to the Postal Service.

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Mill Creek, WA USA - circa April 2022: Low angled view of the entrance to the Mill Creek United States Post Office building.

Hazardous weather has also affected services in Maine. On Dec. 19, the USPS shuttered multiple post offices in the state after certain areas were hit by a winter storm. The closures impacted all locations with zip codes 038-049.

"Across these ZIPs in Maine, the recent storm washed out several roads, flooded some buildings, and brought down trees and wires rendering some inaccessible," Steve Doherty, USPS strategic communications specialist, said in a previous statement to Best Life.

But in a Dec. 26 Service Alerts update, the agency revealed that all these Maine facilities have resumed normal operations except for one. According to the alert, the Mexico Post Office located at 7 Riverside Ave. is still "temporarily closed."

Best Life has reached back out to the USPS about this closure, and we will update this story with their response. While the Mexico Post Office is closed, customers are being directed to visit the nearby Dixfield Post Office for all services.

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The post office on High Street on a sunny summer day

Postal facilities have also been recently closed and reopened in Pennsylvania. In another Dec. 26 Service Alerts update, the USPS announced that its retail window at the Merion Station Post Office in Philadelphia was "temporarily closed." But in a Jan. 2 local press release, the agency confirmed that the facility "has reopened and is open for business."

This is not the only closure that happened in the state last month, however. On Dec. 15, the USPS informed customers that the 30th St. Train Station Post Office, which was located inside an Amtrak station in Philadelphia, had just been "permanently closed due to relocation."

USPS spokesperson Paul F. Smith previously revealed to Best Life that Amtrak is planning to remodel and chose not to renew the Postal Service's lease.

But that's not all. That same day, the USPS also updated its Service Alerts website to report a temporary closure in Limekiln, Pennsylvania. According to Smith, the lease for the Limekiln Post Office at 820 Limekiln has expired, and the agency is actively searching for a new facility location in the town.

"During this closure, retail and PO Box services will be offered at the Oley Post Office," the agency said in a Dec. 18 local press release. "We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers and plan to have the Limekiln Post Office reopened and fully operational as soon as possible."



The USPS also shuttered a facility in Missouri last month. The South Greenfield Post Office, located at 400 Park Avenue, is "temporarily closed," according to a Dec. 19 Service Alert.

In a prior statement, Inglett revealed that the building requires repair. This prompted the agency to move the South Greenfield Post Office's services to another facility temporarily.

"All retail and delivery operations including PO Box pickup have been redirected to Greenfield Post Office, 114 S. Main St," the USPS noted in its release.

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