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6 Best Coupons and Deals if You're Over 55

There is one perk of getting older: Saving money!

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There are lots of downsides to getting older. However, there is one major benefit of entering your 50s and 60s – you can take advantage of some great deals and save money. "In navigating the financial landscape of the 55+ community, there are numerous avenues to bolster savings," explains Cassandra Happe, WalletHub analyst. "Overall, a combination of different financial strategies, community resources, and budgeting can significantly impact the financial health of the 55+ demographic." Here are the 6 best deals if you are over 55. 


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The mother of all discount destinations for people of a certain age is AARP, says Trae Bodge, Smart Shopping Expert at "You can actually join any time but the discounts start to kick in at age 50," she explains. The membership is $16 a year–less if you commit to multiple years–which also includes your partner if they live with you. "Your AARP membership gives you access to discounts on everything from gifts to prescriptions."

American Seniors Association

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Another great membership program is the American Seniors Association, says Happe. Offering similar discounts as AARP for those 50 and up, the group touts itself as a more "conservative" alternative to the better known program. It also costs $1 less – $15 per year, $26 for two, and three for $38. 

Save on Your Phone Bills

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If you use a smartphone, you know that the bills can be very expensive. "However, some carriers offer discounts for seniors, including Verizon, which offers savings of up to $40 per month for people 55+, and T-Mobile, which offers a 55+ plan with special discounts and benefits, like free Netflix," says Bodge. 

Senior Discounts at Select Retailers

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Some retailers offer special discounts for seniors, says Bodge. One of them is Kohl's, "which offers a senior discount of 15 percent every Wednesday," she says. "Joanne has Senior Discount Days when seniors can save 20 percent off, and seniors can save 10 percent off their purchases with a Michael's Rewards Account," she adds. And if you're a thrifter, many thrift stores have senior discount days, where seniors receive a special discount. "Check with your local thrift store to confirm which day and plan accordingly!"

Use Browser Extension

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During Covid, many late adopters of online shopping (i.e. seniors) became more comfortable shopping online. "What those late adopters may not yet realize is that there are tools that allow you to save as your shop," says Bodge. "One of my favorites is the CouponCabin Sidekick free browser extension. Once installed on your computer, it will alert you to coupons and cashback offers that you click to activate, allowing you to save even more on top of any senior discounts. It will even test coupons for you at checkout."  Another of her favorites is the new GiveFreely extension, "which will alert you to available coupons as you shop, and when you make a purchase, a donation will be made to your favorite charity at no additional expense to you."

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You May Get a Percentage Off Meals

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Happe also notes that many restaurants offer big savings for seniors. Applebee's, Arby's, Ben & Jerry's, Chick-fil-A, Waffle House, and White Castle are just a few of the dining establishments that may offer either a percentage off your bill or freebies if you are of a certain age. 

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