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This Streaming Service Is Shutting Down Next Month

The mobile platform is going away after just five months of service.

Even in more certain economic times, tech companies, apps, and services are far from immortal. Now, as the video streaming sector becomes more crowded, you can likely expect to see some options bowing out due to competition. The latest casualty is T-Mobile's TVision streaming service, which the company announced it would be shutting down by the end of next month. To see why this relative newcomer is already going away, read on, and for more on retailers where you'll no longer be able to shop for your favorite gadgets, check out This Beloved Chain Is Closing All Its Stores.

The TVision service is shutting down, including Live, Live Plus, and Live Zone.

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In a press release on March 29, T-Mobile announced that it would be winding down its TVision streaming service on April 29. The move will see all three tiers, including Live, Live Plus, and Live Zone, go dark just five months after they launched.

"TVision initiative was launched to give customers new choices and help millions cut the cord, while expanding appeal for the company's forthcoming wireless home Internet service," T-Mobile said in the press release. "This shift may surprise some given last year's TVision streaming services launch. But innovation seldom follows a straight line. Since launching the TVision initiative, we've learned a lot about the TV industry, about streaming products, and of course, about TV customers. "

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TVision was the cheapest streaming option available on the market.

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The shuttering of TVision marks the end of T-Mobile's first attempt to convince its customers to cut the cord and replace traditional cable with content streamed online. With base packages at just $10 a month, TVision Vibe offered the cheapest streaming options on the market, while upgrades to more channels and live programming at the TVision Live tier started at $40 a month, The Verge reports.

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Customers will now have discounted access to YouTubeTV.

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T-Mobile and Sprint customers won't be completely left in the dark when TVision goes offline. As part of a new partnership with Google and YouTube, subscribers will be able to take $10 off a YouTubeTV monthly subscription, with one free month of YouTubeTV and three free months of YouTube Premium included as well, The Verge reports. This will bring the $65 monthly charge down to $55.

"YouTube TV is a leader in this space," T-Mobile said in the press release. "It offers the same great flexibility, robust content, and convenience that TVision customers love," with "more than twice as many channels" as the current premium option, TVision Live.

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Customers also have the option of a discounted Philo subscription.

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YouTubeTV won't be the only option available to fill the streaming void. Customers will also have access to a discounted subscription to Philo, taking $10 a month off the service that carries more than 60 channels, including AMC, ViacomCBS, Discovery, and A+E Networks, Deadline reports.

The departure of TVision also now makes Philo the cheapest monthly option for streaming content compared to competitors like SlingTV and Hulu. The college-campus-targeted service, which launched in 2017 and starts at $20 per month, will cost just $10 each month after the discount. And for more news from the biggest name in the streaming game, check out If You're Sharing a Netflix Account, the Service Has a New Warning for You.

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