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These Popular Stores Are Shutting Down Nationwide on Election Day

These companies have decided to give their employees a full day to get out and vote.

While 2020 may be an exception, most years, Election Day often doesn't feel very different from any other day, besides taking a trip to the polls. After all, banks are open, offices are usually operating, and post offices are humming just like they would on any other Tuesday. But as companies begin to take note of how important the act of voting is to promoting a healthy democracy, more are starting to offer paid time off for employees to make sure they make it to the polls. In fact, some stores will be closed nationwide to ensure their employees can take part in Election Day.

Since it's not a federal holiday, businesses have begun to take part in the bipartisan Time to Vote campaign, a business coalition formed with the goal of increasing turnout at the polls by creating awareness and having companies pledge to make sure their employees have enough paid time off to vote. As a result, some of the most popular stores across the country will open late or have shorter hours, but a select few will actually be closing for the entire day.

So which stores will be shuttered so people can fill out their ballots? Read on to find out, and for more on how to stay safe this Election Day, check out The One Thing the CDC Says Voters Shouldn't Do During Election Day.

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The Body Shop

The exterior of The Body Shop retail store

Skincare and haircare retailer The Body Shop announced on Sept. 30 that they would be closing all of their locations across the U.S. so that employees and customers could take the time to vote—even offering a "make a voting plan" tutorial on their website, and declaring that democracy is in "our perfectly moisturized, equality-demanding hands." And for more changes you might notice due to the election, check out This Is Disappearing From Your Instagram Screen as of Today.

J. Crew

"New York City, USA - October 31, 2012: In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy two men walk past the J. Crew store along Fulton Street in the water and wind damaged retail area in the South Street Seaport district in Lower Manhattan."

J. Crew announced in August that they would be closing all of their stores, offices, and distribution centers nationwide so that workers can make their way to the polls with a paid day off.  "Civic engagement is more important than ever, and we are committed to ensuring that our employees have the ability to participate in the upcoming election," Jan Singer, J. Crew Group CEO, said in a statement.

The company has also helped employees register to vote and get educated on the issues and candidates running for office. And for another brand shutting down for other reasons, check out This Popular Clothing Chain Just Announced It's Closing 250 Stores.


Madewell Store {Post-Holiday Sales}

As the sister retailer to J. Crew under the same parent ownership, clothing outfitter Madewell will also be closing all locations across the U.S. to ensure that their employees have time to fill out their ballots.

"Our decision to join the Time to Vote movement is a wholly non-partisan decision and made as an effort to create actionable change at our organization, in our community, and beyond," Singer said in a statement. And for another store we're losing due to the pandemic, check out This Beloved Beauty Brand Is Closing Stores Nationwide.


A Sign For a Patagonia Store {Discounts For Old Items}

True to the lifestyle their brand is made to support, outdoor apparel company Patagonia has been closing its stores, corporate offices, and distribution centers on Election Day since 2016, and has urged other companies to do the same. This year is no different, with Patagonia saying that closing the stores not only allows employees to focus on getting to the polls, but draws attention for the general public to do so as well.

The politically active company is one that also dedicates a good portion of its website to educate customers on the importance of responsible environment legislation, causes, and overall climate awareness. "Change happens through action, not by sitting on the sidelines," the company said in a statement in 2016. "Let's stand up and loudly oppose the destruction of our air, water, and soil." And for more up-to-date information to navigate your life, sign up for our daily newsletter.


Male hand choosing suitcase luggage in the shop

Luggage company Away announced on Sept. 15 that they would be closing all of their retail locations on Election Day and shuttering corporate offices to make sure that all employees of the company could make it to their polling stations. And for more on what people are buying up right now, check out These 4 Products Are Flying Off the Shelves as COVID Surges.

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