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Video of Dog with No Nose Melts Hearts Everywhere, Goes Viral

Meet Sniffles, the internet's favorite new pup.

Fact: every dog deserves a warm, loving home that's filled with treats and doggie beds by the fireside and belly rubs that last all day. But, oftentimes, dogs who have special needs get passed over for pups who look like they belong in a Disney movie, and it's heartbreaking.

Case in point: meet Sniffles.

He's a 12-year-old dog who was taken in by the Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida on December 19. The pup had hookworms and whipworms (which he's since overcome), indicating he'd had been living in poor conditions for some time. He was also missing a nose, which he appears to have lost after being attacked by other dogs.

"Sniffles was once a stray in Puerto Rico, rescued by an amazing group known as Rabito Kontento (Happy Tails)," Pooch and Poodle wrote in a Facebook post. "Sniffles needed extensive treatment after he was attacked by other stray dogs that were much larger. He suffered from multiple injuries and bite wounds and lost his nose during the attack."

According to the post, Sniffles underwent three surgeries after the attack, and was adopted and brought over to Florida, in the hopes that he would finally get the veterinary and domestic care he needed. But the home turned out to be unsafe, and Sniffles escaped and was found wandering the streets of Orlando as an abused stray.

The rescue organization tried to get him a forever home, but a senior dog who is missing a nose and has crooked teeth is a hard sell.

On Christmas Eve, Orlando TV station WESH featured Sniffles in a profile, in which rescue workers said that, in spite of his deformity, "he's just a precious old man" and is a very "laid-back dog" who "likes to snort a lot."

Sniffles' story started circulating around the Internet, and soon there was an outpouring of love and affection for this very special pup.

Who could say no to that beautiful face?

Since then, Pooch and Poodle say they have received over 200 applications from people wanting to adopt Sniffles, and are currently reviewing applicants to determine the best home for this little pup.

"The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and heartwarming," they wrote.

Now that Sniffles "is going to be a-okay," the organization is asking "that you please set your sights on some of our other dogs in need…and if you are not in a position to adopt, we hope that you will consider donating so that we can save other special needs dogs that are running stray or at animal controls around the state."

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