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This Heartwarming Video Shows Color Blind Glasses Helping a 12-Year-Old See Color

These color blind glasses changed Jonathan Jones' life—and the story only gets more touching from there.

For most of us, the ability to see colors is a gift that we take for granted. But for 12-year-old Jonathan Jones of Cottonwood, Minnesota, who is severely colorblind, seeing colors for the first time in his life was an emotional moment that he'll never forget. According to a video posted by his brother, Ben Jones, Jonathan was recently learning about color blindness in class when his principal—Scott Hanson, who is also colorblind—let him borrow a special pair of color blind glasses that he wears that enable him to see the full spectrum of colors in the world. As soon as Jonathan put on the glasses and looked around the room, he began to cry. His principal comforted him with a hug and said, "I'm so happy for you."

Then Jonathan went over to the periodic table hanging on the wall and marveled at the many shades of pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, gray, and green. Hanson said that when he put the glasses on for the first time, he too wanted to "touch every color."

Naturally, the touching video went viral, gaining more than 27,000 retweets in just four days. People were moved, to say the least.

Many Twitter users noted that the video speaks to just how much of a difference a teacher who cares can make. Towards the end of the video, Hanson tells Jonathan that he can keep the color blind glasses for the night, and says that, "If you can laugh and cry in the same day, that is the greatest day ever." (That is some solid advice, if you ask us.)

Jonathan's mother, Carole Walter Jones, who was also present for the very special moment, set up a GoFundMe page asking to help raise $350 to buy Jonathan his own pair of color blind glasses. At the time this article was published, it has raised more than $26,000.

color blind kid gets special glasses to help him see colors for the first time

Jonathan's mother wrote on the GoFundMe that the whole family was "overwhelmed by how many kind, generous people have wanted to help him get a pair of his own color blind glasses," adding that they would be using "100 percent of donated funds to purchase color blind glasses for those who can't afford them."

She thanked everyone for their "love and compassion," and added that they were blown away by the knowledge that "there are so many amazing people in this world who would help a young man they have never met."

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