This Teacher Turned Her Classroom Into Hogwarts and the Photos Are Simply Magical

"Magic can happen in public schools."

Staci Lamb is a 9th grade English teacher in Elkton, Maryland, who recently went viral for performing some serious decorative magic on her high school English and language arts classroom. She essentially transformed the space into real-life Hogwarts.

For reference, this is what the classroom looked like before.

And this is the cozy Gryffindor common room that it is now.

Staci Lamb hogwarts classroom
Courtesy of Staci Lamb

"Harry Potter is the book that made me become a reader," Lamb told Best Life. "I remember waiting in the midnight lines just to get the next book. That's the feeling I want my students to have when we read books and when they come to my room."

It took Lamb about a month to get everything set up just right, and she used her own creative and financial resources to do it.

"I found a lot of items on Facebook Marketplace, Goodwill, yard sales, friends and colleagues, and the University of Delaware campus during move-out weekend," she said.

staci lamb hogwarts classroom
Courtesy of Staci Lamb

But the reactions of her students made it well worth all that time and energy.

"The kids love it, especially the lighting," she said. "They appreciate the time I put in, and they know I love what I do every day."

hogwarts classroom
Courtesy of Staci Lamb

Lamb posted a video of her new classroom on Twitter on August 31st, and it went viral, receiving more than 22,000 retweets and 94,000 likes in a little over a week. Needless to say, people are clamoring for acceptance letters into Lamb's class.

Lamb said that she hopes the photos remind people how much students matter and shed light on all of the possibilities of education.

"This kind of transformation and magic can happen in public schools," she said.

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