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See J.K. Rowling's Magical Gift for a Young Potterhead in the Himalayas

The author knows how to hit you right in the feels.

It's been years since she finished the series, but J.K. Rowling is still using the magical power of Harry Potter to spread goodness throughout the world.

Back in April, Sabbah Haji, a teacher at a public school in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir tweeted at the world-famous author to tell her about an essay written by one of her 12-year-old students, Kulsoom Bano Batt.

In the essay, Kulsoom, a first-generation English learner from the Himalayas, wrote about how inspired she was by Rowling's life, and how much she'd love to meet the novelist one day.

Given the amount of tweets she gets on a daily basis—not to mention how busy she must be—you wouldn't expect Rowling to respond. Not only did she answer, however, she asked Sabbah to send her Kulsoom's full name so that she could send her a special present.

Simply getting a response from Rowling was an enormous gift, so much so that the school framed her tweet and put it up in the hallway.

But Rowling is a woman of her word, and last weekend, a box did indeed arrive at Haji Public School (by post, presumably, not by owl).

Proving that she is also not one to do things by halves, Rowling sent a handwritten note, inscribed book, and a bunch of toys that would make any Potterhead explode from joy.

The photos of the kids opening up their new presents will make your day.

Sabbah also tweeted about how happy it made the teachers to watch these kids squeal with joy over their surprise.

Gracious as always, Rowling responded as though she hadn't just made a huge difference in a bunch of people's lives.

The Twitter exchange quickly went viral, causing a domino effect of cheer around the world.

So, thank you J.K. Rowling, for reminding all of us that you don't need special abilities to make magic happen.

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