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This Hilarious 37-Second Viral Video Will Restore Your Faith in Marriage

You have to see this couple's message to their kids while celebrating their 25th anniversary.

When you come across married couples who seem either bored or irritated with one another, it can be easy to become cynical and think that the fun and passion fades as a relationship goes on. But all it takes is the following 37-second video to prove that's not the case.

Meet Hank and Dora. They've been together for 29 years and married for 25, and—as you can see—they couldn't be happier together. They recently celebrated their anniversary in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which is where Hank filmed this little video that he then shared on the family's group chat. His son, Jerome, posted the video on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. It's had more than 3.4 million views since Jerome shared it on September 15th.

Seriously, it's an instant mood-booster.

People especially can't get over the ending, when Hank tells his kids, "OK, y'all, we'll see you when we see you. Don't come looking for me! Don't call, don't text!"

Nor can they handle the look on his "main squeeze's" face when he greets the world as "people and peepettes."

Jerome said that reading the comments on the thread made him and his sister really appreciate how lucky they are to have such great role models as parents.

"I felt as if my parents became an inspiration for others all over the world," he told Best Life. "I'm just happy that others got a taste of what we have every day of our lives."

viral video 25th anniversary don't call don't text
Courtesy of Hank and Dora

Hank and Dora's love story is a classic one. "I met my wife in class at North Carolina Central University," Hank told Best Life. "When I saw her beautiful smile and long bouncy hair, I moved up from the back of the class and took a seat beside her near the front. A couple of days later, we went on our first date at Pizza Hut."

From there, the rest was history: They got married, had two kids, and have managed to maintain the same passion and love they had for each other since that very first date.

When asked to reveal the secret to a successful marriage, Dora said that good communication was at the top of her list.

"I also feel that it is important for a couple to spend quality time together and respect and value each other's opinions," she said. "When he was making the video for our children, I was just thinking, 'What is he going to say this time to make us laugh?'"

Ever the romantic, Hank said that the answer to a long-lasting, fulfilling marriage is to "fall in love with the person's spirit."

"Her physical appearance and personality may change, but her spirit will remain the same," he said. "Falling in love with a person's spirit is so special, because just their presence can warm your heart or make you smile uncontrollably."

25th anniversary viral video don't call don't text
Courtesy of Hank and Dora

And, for those wondering, the couple had as much of a blast celebrating their anniversary as you'd imagine.

"We had several romantic dinners and walks along the beach, played putt-putt golf, and shopped at our favorite stores," Hank said. "Since it was our silver anniversary, I gave her some sterling silver Harley Davidson earrings with a matching necklace, because she loves riding on my Harley Davidson motorcycle."

As for going viral, Hank said he was initially a little irked at Jerome for going against his rule of never posting private videos on social media, but he changed his mind once he read the comments.

"I realized how much such a simple video of me being myself inspired so many people and made them smile," he said.

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