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Ross Accused of Putting Cameras Near Fitting Rooms: "Invasion of Privacy"

Some shoppers said they won't try on clothes in-store anymore.

While online shopping is undeniably convenient, in-person shopping does have one key benefit: the ability to try on clothes before swiping your card. You can decide whether something suits you while still at the store, avoiding the need to order multiple sizes and shelling out for those frustrating return fees. But if you regularly shop at Ross Dress for Less, commonly referred to as just "Ross," you'll want to know about one shopper's recent accusation that there are security cameras facing the fitting rooms. Read on to find out what shoppers had to say about this alleged "invasion of privacy."

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A recent TikTok video claims that security cameras can see you changing.


When you use a fitting room to try on clothes, you expect your privacy to be respected. However, one Ross shopper now claims that may not be the case.

In an April 25 TikTok video, user @kiddycatmeow filmed from inside a Ross dressing room, zooming in on a sign that states, "Shoplifters will be prosecuted." From there, the TikToker pans out and refocuses on what appear to be two security cameras encased in black domes, which could potentially see into the fitting room.

"Be more aware of [your] surroundings!" the video caption reads. 'This is a ross!!"

Best Life reached out to Ross for comment on the video, and will update the story upon hearing back.

Shoppers said they may stop trying on clothes at the store altogether.

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The video racked up over 113,000 likes, with many fellow shoppers voicing their concerns in the comments.

"Invasion of privacy Period!" one commenter wrote, while another was worried that they'd never checked or noticed something like this.

"Omg I have never looked up in a fitting room," a comment reads.

One TikToker said that the police should be contacted, claiming the practice is illegal.

"Class action lawsuit incoming," a comment reads, while another added, "They cannot have cameras in view or inside a dressing room/bathroom. that's a lawsuit."

Regardless of legalities, some shoppers said the video made them wary of using fitting rooms in general.

"Never again am I trying clothes on at stores, I'm too paranoid already, it's time to cut it off. Healthy boundaries people," one comment reads.

Another TikToker added, "This is why I rather try clothes on at home and just return it."

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Some commenters weren't as worried.

security camera dome
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Others were less convinced that the cameras were actually pointed at the dressing rooms.

"The camera (hopefully, God hopefully) is more than likely pointed in an entirely different direction," a comment reads. "Just [because] it's a dome does not mean it's a 360 camera. It's literally just a black dome so that customers don't know where exactly the camera blind spots are. (which is scary [because I guess] it COULD be pointing at the dressing room but it is so seriously unlikely.)"

Another user echoed this, arguing that the cameras in the TikTok video are "deterrent domes" that are "made to look like cameras."

Employees said the domes are just there for show.

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Ross employees chimed in to allay fears, claiming that the cameras are really just there to deter shoplifters.

"I worked for Ross," a commenter wrote. "All domes are empty except the ones by registers and the cash office lol."

Another wrote, "As a Ross employee, I can promise you those are fake, just to scare customers."

One commenter said they've installed these kinds of cameras, and there's nothing to worry about. "I've installed cameras for Ross," a TikToker wrote. "None are facing the dressing rooms. The camera is in that dome facing away."

Even so, some customers weren't satisfied with this explanation. "Regardless if these cameras are fake or can't see that far, it's unnerving," a commenter wrote.

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