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Ross Dress for Less Is Under Fire for Doing This to Shoppers Without Asking

A shopper described a recent experience at the register.

Shopping at Ross Dress for Less, commonly referred to as Ross, is usually an enjoyable experience—especially if you're looking for bargains. There are so many deals to be found on everything from housewares to clothing and plenty of sales associates available throughout the store to help you out, whether you need another size or can't find an item that you're looking for. But the off-price retailer is now facing some criticism from shoppers for something specific that employees have been doing in stores. Read on to find out what Ross is under fire for doing without customers' permission.

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Store policies have recently been called into question.

Marion - Circa March 2019: Dollar General Retail Location. Dollar General is a Small-Box Discount Retailer I

Ross isn't alone in receiving criticism: Other chains have recently been getting flak for a range of store policies and practices. In a recent TikTok video, user @__mesmerizeyou posted her experience trying to navigate her cart down the aisle at a Dollar General store crammed with boxes of unpacked inventory. Many took to the comments to share similar experiences, with some adding that they don't shop at Dollar General anymore as a direct result of the cluttered aisles.

Bath & Body Works is another chain that was under fire on social media. TikToker @eldestmillenial posted a video of a dumpster jam-packed with unused shopping bags on Nov. 4. "This is because of Christmas. This is because they switch to Christmas bags," she says while circling the dumpster to show more bags piled in the back. "This is the most wasteful thing I've ever seen. Can't you save these until after Christmas?"

Now, Ross is the retailer in the hot seat—and shoppers have different opinions on the issue.

A Ross shopper saved money, but she wasn't too pleased with the reason.

ross dress for less store
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While getting older certainly has its cons, there are also some pros. Many retailers offer a discount for older adults, typically on a designated day of the week. Ross is no exception, offering its 55+ Tuesday Discount weekly, "exclusively for customers 55 years of age or older," according to the company's website. Customers in this age group receive 10 percent of their purchases on Tuesday, but one shopper was surprised to see the discount on her receipt.

In a Nov. 15 TikTok video, Jennifer, who uses the TikTok handle @gigi_dolleyes, explains that she'd stopped into a Ross store to grab a few things that totalled around $50.

"[Then the cashier said], 'Wait a minute, it's going to be $44," she explains in the video, adding that she didn't initially think anything of it. But when she got to her car, she realized the cashier had applied the 55+ Tuesday Discount. "I mean, I'm not mad at it, because hey, that's $7.50 that I didn't have to pay, but he didn't ask me," she says. "He didn't ask me my age…do I look 55 to you? God, I hope not."

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Others said this has happened to them too.

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Other shoppers said they'd had a similar upsetting experience at Ross around this sensitive topic. "They gave me the senior discount at Ross recently and I'm 52," one comment reads. "A sad day especially since the cashier was at least my age, not a young kid."

"They gave me the discount and I was in my thirties," another commenter wrote, while someone else joked that having your age overestimated can cause "emotional damage."

Debate also ensued over whether the TikToker actually looked like she was 55 years old. Many said she arguably looked like she qualifies for the discount, and some noted that even if she doesn't, the discount is a plus. "If I get a discount, I don't care if the cashier [thinks] I am 100yrs old. Who cares? Thanks for the discount…" one commenter wrote. "My mom was happy when this happened to her. She loved the Ross and the senior menu at ihop lol," another said.

Others did say that the cashier's assumption was a bit impolite, but again, saving money isn't typically a bad thing. "That was rude," a comment reads. "You look younger, but yay discount!"

Ross employees say the store policy makes the discount tricky.

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According to Ross' website, customers are supposed to let the cashier know when they get to the register that they are eligible for the 55+ discount, but they "may be required to provide an ID" for verification purposes.

Former Ross employees chimed in on the TikTok video, saying that they've gotten customer pushback no matter how they've approached the issue. "As a former Ross cashier, I've had customers get upset at me for asking & I've had customers get upset at me for NOT asking. There's a fine line," one comment reads. Another ex-associate added that Ross doesn't permit cashiers to ask about age specifically, but they can ask whether shoppers are part of the "Tuesday club."

"I would do it but I'd ask if you were part of our Tuesday club first," a comment reads. "We aren't even allowed to ask you if you're a senior. So I try to go around it." Another added that employees can only request ID in the event a customer asks for the discount, meaning employees "literally have to assume" when it comes to age.

Even if you're not yet eligible for the Tuesday club, being kind at the register could land you the discount. "As a former Ross employee, I gave that discount to the nice customers regardless of their age," one TikToker wrote. Best Life reached out to Ross for comment, but has yet to hear back.

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