Half of Americans Admit to Washing Their Face with Shampoo or Conditioner

Make sure you don't commit these skin sins.

Every day, you wake up, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and wash your face. But it turns out, when it comes to skincare regimens, most of us have got it all wrong, according to a new survey from the skincare brand CeraVe, conducted by OnePoll. Actually, we've got it very wrong.

Of the 2,000-plus Americans surveyed, over half of respondents (53 percent) admitted that they don't cleanse their face daily, which is definitely mistake number one. But, of those who do, 53 percent said they wash their faces with just water, 47 percent said they've used shampoo or conditioner to clean their skin, and 41 percent said that they've used hand soap. According to experts, these terrible habits will cause your face to look dry, break out, and age faster.

Other major skin sins we're committing, according to the CeraVe poll, include using hot water (41 percent), skipping face-washing after a sweaty workout (39 percent), and going more than a month without cleaning makeup brushes (26 percent). According to dermatologists, these offenses can subject your skin to irritation and harmful bacteria, as well as cause your pores to clog up.

In order to keep your skin looking smooth, healthy, and wrinkle-free, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing your face twice a day and after sweating with lukewarm water and a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser that doesn't contain alcohol. Then, you should be applying moisturizer afterwards—and no, conditioner does not count. And for more great tips, check out the 30 Best Ways to Have Your Best Skin.

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