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This Is How Often You Should Really Be Replacing Your Hair Brush

Not replacing your hair brush often enough can contribute to both hair and health problems, experts warn.

Before March, you probably spent a lot of time on your hair, washing it, brushing it, and styling it before you headed out for the day. And while you may have put your hair wax and curling iron away amid the pandemic, the one tool you're likely still using on the daily is your hair brush. Sure, you probably do your due diligence by removing that tangled-up dead hair from the bristles every now and then, but when was the last time you replaced your hair brush itself? If it was pre-COVID-19, it's likely been too long. Read on to find out how often you should be replacing your brush and for more hygiene help, find out How Often You Should Really Be Changing Your Sheets, Experts Say.

Anna H. Chacon, MD, a board-certified dermatologist with a focus on hair care and a medical expert for ZELEN Life, says if you have a plastic or rubber hair brush "replacing it every six to 12 months is a good benchmark." And boar-bristle brushes should be replaced every six months as well, according to Michael Sparks, a celebrity hairstylist and co-owner of Tabb & Sparks Salon.

If you're not sure what kind of brush you have, Chacon says there are some noticeable signs that indicate you need to give your hair brush the boot, like if your brush's bristles are bending or separating. And if the bed or base of your brush is cracked, you also should start looking for a replacement or risk your physical well-being.

"Keeping a brush that is not in appropriate condition may harbor bacteria and mold," Chacon warns. In addition to health concerns, however, an old brush can also hurt your hair.

Chacon says a hair brush that doesn't work because it's too old can "cause an excess amount of hair breakage and contribute more towards split ends." And Sparks adds that a "lower brush performance" may also cause you to use more heat on your hair to achieve your ideal style, which can also do more damage to your hair.

Plus, if your brush has build-up of dead hair and dried product in-between the bristles—which happens over time, Sparks says—it can also make your clean hair "look dirty, greasy, and weighed down."

Overall, while six to 12 months is a good baseline for most brushes, you should also consider your hair type when it comes to how often you need to replace your brush. Chacon says you may notice typical signs of wear earlier than six months if you have thick or curly hair because it takes more force to brush it, which may wear it out quicker.

Of course, your hair brush is not the only household item you need to make sure you're replacing from time to time. Read on to learn when you should replace more common items and for more hair care tips, find out How Often You Should Really Be Washing Your Hair.

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