Here's Paris Hilton Doing a Crazy Good Kim Kardashian Impression—Photos

The assistant becomes the master.

On Tuesday night, newly-engaged Paris Hilton shared a few photos of herself on Twitter that made the Internet explode. In the photos, Hilton recreates the pap-style shots of Kim Kardashian wearing Yeezy Season Six that ripped through social media in December.

At first, it seemed like the reality TV star was dragging KK, who was once Paris Hilton's assistant on The Simple Life. But then it became clear that Kanye West, in his infinite marketing genius, has enlisted the help of their famous friends to advertise the new collection by having these celebs model the looks by mimicking the iconic photos down to every last detail, including the locations, the poses, and the platinum hair.

paris hilton models yeezy season 6

paris hilton models yeezy season 6 paris hilton models yeezy season 6

Of course, Kim Kardashian hasn't just been sitting back and letting everyone else do the work. In what is clearly another brilliant marketing move, she's been taking back the spotlight by posting extremely artistic nude photos on Instagram, ones that appear to be taken by the Yeezy master himself.

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Diana Bruk
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