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20 Worst Places You Could Go Right Now 

With more than half the U.S. population vaccinated, many Americans are readying for travel—or already road-tripping or jetting off. Travel experts can't stop talking about the major travel boom hitting the country, as cooped-up families and solo travelers are booking hotels and rental homes in need of that much-needed change of scenery. However, with COVID, crime and errant weather, there are some destinations you should cross off your list. Before you pack your bags and commit to your next vacation, read on to find out which destinations you need to avoid right now.


The Strip of Las Vegas, Nevada at night

COVID cases are still on the rise in the Silver State—so much so that Los Angeles' health officials are warning residents not to travel to this neighboring state. As of July, the infection rate has soared in the last five months, nearly doubling.


city skyline and Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri

Blame the Delta variant for Missouri's spike in infection rates, the highest since January. Currently, Chicago is warning unvaccinated residents to skip traveling here, and to quarantine afterward if travel is necessary.


murals of batman alley in sao paulo brazil
Karol Kozlowski Premium RM Collection / Alamy

The U.S. Embassy right now is issuing a travel warning for Brazil due to COVID. The U.S. holds the world's highest pandemic death toll, with this South American hotspot ranking second. Despite their infection rates, Brazil's borders remain open, making this a go-at-your-own-discretion destination.


Shutterstock/Exposure Visuals

Sill ranked as a Level 4—'very high risk'—destination by the CDC, India is currently suffering one of the biggest hits of the new COVID wave. All but essential travel has been banned, sealing off the country from further threat.

Sri Lanka

fort galle sri lanka

As India's immediate neighbor to the south, Sri Lanka has also been heavily hit, though not quite as much, earning it a Level 3 warning from the State Department.


The skyline of Little Rock, Arkansas at dawn

The Delta variant is also responsible for Arkansas' rise in COVID cases, with hospitalizations now at four times those of May. Moreover, Arkansas has one of the nation's lowest vaccination rates.


With the COVID spread rate still high, Argentina is still banning social gatherings of 10 or more. Tourism groups are also not allowed presently. The country has also recently restricted the number of daily incoming international flights, cutting it to less than a third.


cityscape photos of bars and restaurants on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana at twilight
Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

Louisiana is currently ranked number three in the U.S. as the state with the lowest vaccination rates. It's seeing infection rates climb, and hospitalization rates quadruple within one week.

Southern Oregon

a wooden "Welcome to Oregon" sign in front of trees and off of a highway

The largest wildfires in the U.S. are raging across Oregon, with firefighters only able to contain half the spread. Smoke continues to affect wide-reaching areas.



No stranger to the State Department's warning list, Haiti remains at Level 4—not just for kidnapping and crime, but also its COVID infection rates.


Nicaragua countries the U.S. government doesn't want you to visit

Nicaragua's COVID infection rates are seeing a steep rise since March, causing U.S. government warnings to avoid traveling here. Moreover, this Central American nation offers limited healthcare, escalating the situation should anything happen when you're abroad. The State Department also urges discernment given the current state of affairs, which includes an 'arbitrary enforcement of laws.'


Montana landscape
silky / Shutterstock

This sportsman's paradise is under huge threat from wildfires, with no end in sight. Only a fraction of the burn is contained at present.


colorful buildings and a vintage car on a street in cuba
Anna Jedynak/Shutterstock

The U.S. government is urging caution against traveling to Cuba, a Level 4 risk country, not only for COVID reasons, but also a recent attack on the embassy. Regular flights to Cuba are still operating, but it's expected that availability of flights will soon decrease.


Madrid, Spain at sunset

Given the rampant spread of the Delta variant, the U.S. government increased their travel warning to the highest level. The CDC warns that even vaccinated travelers could be at risk. 


Costal path with Hydrangeas, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal

U.S. residents are also warned against traveling to Portugal. Likewise, Portuguese residents are now seeing travel restrictions, limiting their travel through the E.U. and beyond.

Trinidad and Tobago

colorful buildings and a vintage car on a street in cuba
Anna Jedynak/Shutterstock

In the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is one of just a few countries that has been issued the dark red, Level 4 warning of the State Department. But it's not just the pandemic that warranted the warnings: Kidnappings and crime are on the rise.


Tourist taking photos of amazing frozen landscape in Antarctica with icebergs, snow, mountains and glaciers, beautiful nature in Antarctic Peninsula with ice (Tourist taking photos of amazing frozen landscape in Antarctica with icebergs, snow, mountai

This bucket-list destination is a must for bragging rights, but not outside of the travel season. November through March is this southern continent's summer, when temperatures and seas allow for comfortable travel. Outside of this window, extreme, unpredictable weather is so dangerous that the State Department issues a warning.

Florida and Much of the Southern USA

Sunny Isles Beach Florida

The Sunshine State kept lax lockdown policies throughout the pandemic, and vaccination rates are spotty. However, it's the tropical weather that may be responsible for the summertime COVID surge. Afternoon storms keep most residents inside, raising infection rates. As for the rest of the Southern USA, most of it has "high" or "substantial" levels of COVID transmission, according to the CDC yesterday. They recommend that even if you're vaccinated, you wear a mask indoors.


botswana forest, least populated places

Among the most COVID-impacted country in Africa, Botswana instituted nightly curfews from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. These limits are still in place as the pandemic has yet to relent.


Indonesia Tourists

Indonesia is seeing a spike in COVID cases, which some are calling the worst corona outbreak in Asia. Despite the numbers, Indonesia is relaxing its restrictions, making this a travel-beware destination. Instead, consider travelling to some of these very Instagram-able Most Colorful Towns on the Planet.

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