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See Ingrid Bergman's Grandchildren Now, Who Are Both Models

For the grandkids of Ingrid Bergman—and the kids of Isabella Rossellini—style is second nature.

One of the most beloved actors of Hollywood's golden age, Ingrid Bergman headlined countless classics that continue to be cherished and studied: Casablanca, Gaslight, and Notorious, to name just a few. In 1950, the three-time Oscar-winning actor struck up a romance with the Italian director Roberto Rossellini while shooting a film under his direction. They later moved to Europe and married amid scandal—Bergman had been married to neurosurgeon Petter Lindström when they met—going on to have three children together. (Bergman already had a child from her previous marriage as well.)

One of those children, Isabella Rossellini, grew up to become an iconic actor and model in her own right, starring in scores of films and gracing all the major magazine covers from Vogue to Vanity Fair. But what you may not realize is that she's since passed the torch to the next generation: her son, Roberto Rossellini, and daughter, Elettra Wiedemann, who've become big names in the modeling world. Read on to see what they look like now!

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Elettra Wiedemann has had a successful modeling career.

Elettra Wiedemann
Lars Niki/Getty Images for Eco-Age

With the genetic blessings of having Indgrid Bergman for a grandmother and Isabella Rossellini for a mother, it's no surprise that Elettra Wiedemann grew up to become a fashion model. She is best known for having been the face of the cosmetics company Lancome, like her famous mother before her.

And it's not just her career that her mom and maternal grandmother helped shape. While speaking with the U.K.'s Daily Mail in 2020, she shared some of the ways that her family contributed to her sense of style and poise. "Strong, elegant women are on both sides of my family, maternal and paternal," she said. "They really taught me about simplicity and functionality. The women of my family don't think that in order to be elegant, you have to be in a gown with high heels. They think that a white shirt and black trousers are elegant… My maternal grandmother, her entire wardrobe was just black clothes. So they taught me about keeping things very simple."

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In addition to modeling, Wiedemann has become a business owner, farmer, cookbook author, and mom.

Elettra Wiedemann
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Wiedemann met her partnerCaleb Lane, while modeling for Lancome in 2015. The couple now has two children together: Ronin Hendrick Lane, born in 2018, and Viggo River Lane, born recently in June 2021.

Now 38, Wiedemann shared with Daily Mail that she considers her modeling days largely behind her—but she's plenty busy with her many other endeavors outside of the modeling world. Having earned a master's degree in biomedicine from the London School of Economics with a focus in vertical farming, she now serves as the executive director of the family business Mama Farm, an agricultural venture initially created by her mom. Set on 28 acres in Long Island, New York, the family farm "aims to foster the next generation of environmental stewards" through community-supported agriculture and programming.

As if that weren't enough, she's also a food writer, with a popular cookbook under her belt. In 2017, Wiedemann authored Impatient Foodie, a collection of simple but satisfying recipes for food lovers with busy schedules.

Her brother, Roberto Rossellini, is also a model.

Roberto Rossellini Jr.
Venturelli/Getty Images for Bulgari

As the son and grandson of some of Hollywood's greatest success stories, it'd be easy to imagine Roberto Rossellini's name helped him launch his modeling career. Yet he told Cultured magazine in 2019 that his foray into modeling was much more organic than that: He was approached on the streets of New York City by a scout while out with his girlfriend.

From there, he signed with Ford Models, and has since modeled for Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Sies Marjan, Bvlgari, and more. He says modeling has helped him develop his own sense of style, which he called "dark," and "elegant, but fun" in a 2016 interview with W Magazine. Roberto, now 27, most recently modeled for Ralph Lauren.

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He's also worked behind the camera.

Roberto Rossellini
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

A photographer of many years, Roberto, who goes by Ross, according to his Instagram, says one of his greatest passions is portrait artistry. Most notably, he's worked on a portrait series of up-and-coming rappers, which he says he hopes to turn into a book someday. "I like showing a different side of people," he told Cultured. "Rappers seem like these hard guys, but I want to show them in a different element."

Though he's following his family's footsteps into the entertainment world, Roberto says he's been able to do it on his own terms. "People are just now discovering that I'm my mom's son, which is funny," Rossellini told the magazine.

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