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See Danny DeVito's Daughter, Who's Starring With Him on a New Show

His oldest daughter has followed in his footsteps.

If your parents are Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, we can only imagine it's hard to break away from the bright lights of Hollywood. And seemingly, the former couple's three children have all been lured. At one point or another, all of the DeVito-Perlman kids have dabbled in acting, but it was recently announced that their oldest child, 38-year-old Lucy DeVito, will be starring alongside her father on a new series. To see Lucy now and find out what she's working on with her dad, read on.

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Lucy DeVito has been acting for 16 years.

Lucy, who's now 38, began her acting career back in 2005. She's had recurring roles on popular shows like Melissa & Joey and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which she shared a photo of to her Instagram in 2019 (seen here). Lucy also appeared on her father's show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia a handful of times, and she's been in dozens of movies, including Jumanji: The Next Level, The Comedian, and Leaves of Grass.

In addition to appearing on the big and small screens, Lucy has also taken her talents to the stage. Her first theatre credit was in 2009 in the Off-Broadway show Love, Loss, and What I Wore. Later, in 2017 she originated the role of Elanor in the Off-Broadway show Hot Mess.

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Lucy and Danny DeVito are set to voice characters on a new animated series.

Lucy and Danny DeVito
Getty Images/Amanda Edwards/WireImage

In May, it was announced that Lucy and Danny would star on a new animated comedy series for FXX called Little Demon. The father-daughter duo will be joined by Aubrey Plaza, who is set to executive produce alongside Community creator Dan Harmon.

Little Demon picks up 13 years after a woman (Plaza) is impregnated by the Devil (Danny DeVito), with Lucy playing her Antichrist teen daughter, according to Deadline. The mother and daughter try to live a normal life in Delaware, but the Devil makes that difficult, especially as he tries to get custody of his daughter's soul.

Lucy has said she learned a lot about Hollywood from her parents.

Lucy DeVito, Rhea, Perlman, and Danny DeVito
Walter McBride/Getty Images

Lucy has said her parents, who split in 2017, taught her a lot about the industry and have been supportive of her goals. "They taught me to be open [and] to have fun, constantly ask questions, explore and keep it fresh. They have taught me to have the sense of humor I have," Lucy told Entertainment Tonight that year. "They are kind of silly people, so it's like I've grown up with this sense of jokiness, which I like. I bring the weirdo out in myself, which I think they encourage."

When it came to tangible advice in regards to pursuing acting, Lucy said her parents told her to study up and "see as much as you can see, educate yourself. Work your creative muscle." She added that "they've been very encouraging." "If this is what you want to do, work at it every day," Lucy said they would tell her.

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The other DeVito children, Gracie and Jake, have also worked in Hollywood.

DeVito and Perlman have two other children, 36-year-old Gracie DeVito and 33-year-old Jake DeVito (pictured here at Gracie's 2019 wedding to Andy Giannakakis). Jake worked with Danny and Lucy on a short film called Curmedgons—all three of them were producers and Danny and Lucy starred in the film as well. He has also produced a handful of other films and will soon be working on Little Demon as an executive producer, too.

Gracie acted in a couple of projects, 2015's Amboy and 2017's Jeff & Some Aliens. She also produced the movie My Girlfriend's Abroad and the short Bloom. Primarily, she is an artist. She received her MFA from CalArts in 2012 and has been taking classes at the New York Studio School since 2003.

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