6 New Movies You Can Watch on Netflix This Weekend

We've got your action, comedy, and documentary picks right here.

Movie theaters may be back, but there's still something so comforting about getting cozy, preparing some snacks, and then streaming a film in your own home. Obviously, Netflix has you covered on that front, but what to choose? To narrow things down, we've rounded up this list of some of the most significant additions to the streaming service over the last couple of weeks. Want to watch Liam Neeson drive a truck across a frozen ocean or Kevin Hart be a girl dad? How about a rom-com where the love interest is also the villain? All of that and more are ahead, so read on for some of the best movies new to Netflix the weekend of June 25.

The Ice Road

Liam Neeson in The Ice Road

This brand new Liam Neeson action flick is basically Ice Road Truckers meets Taken. Set in the northernmost part of Canada, it's about a driver who shifts into high gear to save lives when a diamond mine caves in.

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Good on Paper

Ryan Hansen and Iliza Schlesinger in Good on Paper

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger wrote and stars in this comedy about a woman who starts to suspect that her new boyfriend (Ryan Hansen) might be lying to her about almost everything, including the basic facts of his life. Schlesinger based the screenplay on her own experience dating a man who turned out to be a compulsive liar, and she told Collider that processing it this way was "extremely cathartic."

The Seventh Day

Guy Pearce in he Seventh Day
Vertical Entertainment/Redbox Entertainment

In the grand history of demonic possession movies, The Seventh Day pairs an experienced priest (Guy Pearce) with a green priest (Vadhir Derbez) for a, well, complicated exorcism. The Guardian praises the horror film for finding "a satisfying way to update the possession-exorcist theme for a new generation" and for Pearce's "scripture-chewing performance."

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Kevin Hart and Melody Hurd in Fatherhood
Phillipe Bosse/Netflix

Kevin Hart may be known as a purely comic actor, but Ride Along, this is not. In Fatherhood, the comedian plays a man who's thrust into single parenthood after the unexpected death of his wife. The family drama is based on Matthew Logelin's bestselling memoir and counts Alfre Woodard and Lil Rel Howery among its cast.

The Reason I Jump

The Reason I Jump
Kino Lorber

Unlike the linear narrative documentaries you're probably used to, The Reason I Jump attempts to immerse the viewer in an unfamiliar experience—the experience of a nonverbal child with autism spectrum disorder. The film is an adaptation of a first-person ASD narrative. Naoki Higashida wrote the book The Reason I Jump when he was just 13, to share the way he moved through the world.

Silver Linings Playbook

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook
The Weinstein Company

In 2012's Silver Linings Playbook, Pat (Bradley Cooper) moves back in with his parents in a Philadelphia suburb after a stay in a psychiatric facility for his bipolar disorder. As he tries to win back his ex-wife, he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a widow who persuades him into entering a dance contest for her. Lawrence won an Oscar for her performance in the dramatic rom-com.

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