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The Best Netflix Original Shows of 2020 So Far

These are the new Netflix series that everyone's talking about this year.

You finished Orange Is the New Black long ago. You're caught up on Glow. Or maybe you're already on your third watch of Stranger Things 3. In short, you're pretty on top of your Netflix viewing, but have you dug into the many great series the streaming service has debuted so far this year? There's a stylish old Hollywood drama from the creator of Glee, a sweet and raunchy teen comedy from Mindy Kaling, a couple of documentaries that everybody is talking about, and so much more. To inspire your next binge, here are the best Netflix Original shows of 2020 so far! And for home viewing ideas, check out 18 2020 Movies Streaming Right Now and Where to Find Them.


Samara Weaving and Laura Harrier in Hollywood

American Horror Story and Glee producer Ryan Murphy reimagines the golden age of the film industry in this seven-episode miniseries that boasts a stellar ensemble cast including Darren CrissLaura HarrierPatti LuPoneDylan McDermott, and Jim Parsons—plus stunning production values. Where it deviates from real Hollywood history, it endeavors to make a point about the many biases that still persist—limiting the kinds of stories we get to see, even today. And for more Netflix recommendations, check out The Best Netflix Shows to Stream While in Quarantine.

Never Have I Ever

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in Never Have I Ever

Mindy Kaling co-created this coming-of-age comedy about a teen girl trying to thrive in high school, gain some sexual experience, and cope with the untimely death of her father. Star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan was discovered by Kaling and producers via an open Instagram casting call for young South Asian actresses, and her fresh, unmannered charm helps make the series moving and watchable. And for more mood-lifting viewing ideas, check out 15 Uplifting Movies You Can Watch on Netflix Right Now.

Feel Good

Mae Martin in Feel Good

Stand-up comic Mae Martin stars in this loosely autobiographical series about a performer who finds herself in an intense romance that both helps and hinders her recovery from substance use disorder. For her partner George (Charlotte Ritchie), their connection marks her first relationship with a woman, and her own reluctance to define for herself what that means parallels Mae's denial. While the subject matter is knotty and serious, Feel Good's six-episode first season is also funny, uplifting, and sexy.

Love Is Blind

Still from Love Is Blind

This addictive reality show tries to eliminate aesthetics from the dating game. The singles on Love Is Blind have to do so without laying eyes on their potential mates. They talk to each other from isolation pods, relying on conversation and chemistry to make their decision, only seeing each other in person after a proposal. Chances are, someone in your life has already urged you to watch this show; it seems like everyone who embarks on the Love Is Blind marathon becomes a true believer. And if you're looking for a funny fairytale to stream, check out The 18 Best Romantic Comedies on Netflix Right Now.

I Am Not Okay With This

Sofia Bryant and Sophia Lillis in I Am Not Okay with This

Sophia Lillis, who you may have seen in It and It Chapter Two, stars in this dark teen drama adapted from a comic book. She plays Sydney Novak, a young woman who discovers a well of supernatural power within her as she grieves the death of her father. While not a crossover, the show exists in the same universe as another Netflix series, The End of the F***ing World. Appreciating its dark comedy is a good indicator that you'll be into this newer show as well.


Shira Haas in Unorthodox

Based on the memoir of Deborah Feldman, who came to reject the community in which she was raised, Unorthodox follows the path of a young Hasidic woman (Shira Haas) from Brooklyn who flees an arranged marriage and attempts to forge her own identity in Berlin. This is the first Netflix series that's mostly in Yiddish, and producers went to great lengths to accurately represent the beliefs and customs of the Hasidic community it dramatizes. And for more ideas for what to watch, check out 23 Emmy-Winning TV Shows You Can Stream Right Now.


Rashida Jones and Kenya Barris in #BlackAF

Black-ish showrunner Kenya Barris created and stars as a fictionalized version of himself in this series, which satirizes the lifestyle of the young, black, and very rich. With Rashida Jones as his wife, #blackAF takes a much more caustic, sarcastic tone than his successful ABC family sitcom (and both of its existing spinoffs, Grown-ish and Mixed-ish). So if you're a fan of cringe comedy, this series may be more your speed.

The Eddy

Amandla Stenberg and Andre Holland in The Eddy

La La Land filmmaker Damien Chazelle is among the executive producers of this Paris-set musical drama about a jazz club and its proprietor, American ex-pat Elliot Udo (André Holland). A musician himself, Elliot gave up playing when his son died, but the show still features plenty of original compositions by songwriter and producer Glen Ballard. There's plenty more to The Eddy that we won't spoil—suffice it to say that Elliot's club sees a lot of action, including some shady dealings.


Still from Cheer

The stars of this docuseries are the athletes of the Navarro College cheer squad as well as their exacting coach, Monica AldamaCheer tags along as the team prepares to compete at the National Cheerleading Championship, and by the end of its run, you'll feel like an expert on the topic. Like any good sports doc, it features the thrill of competition and the agony of defeat, plus some big, entertaining personalities.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Joe Exotic in Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness

You've heard the debate about Carole Baskin. You've seen the memes. It's time to finally watch the bonkers docuseries that introduced Joe Exotic, AKA the "Tiger King," to the world. The runaway Netflix hit digs into the extravagant, barely regulated world of exotic animal collecting—which, in this case, breeds a murder-for-hire plot, a presidential run, a polygamist same-sex wedding, and at least one lost limb. And that doesn't even cover half of it! You have to watch Tiger King to believe it. And when you're ready for more wild documentaries , check out 13 Documentaries Tiger King Fans Should Watch Right Now.

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