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Nail Your Yacht Style Game with These Essentials from Nautica

Prepare to out-dress every other guy at the boathouse.

In 1983, Nautica landed on the style scene with a splash, upending the overly stuffy look so frequently seen in the yacht clubs of Greenwich and Nantucket. Thirty-five years later, they've kept this drive going. With their new line—featuring form-fitting polos, selvedge denim, and a stylish-as-hell overnight duffle—Nautica has somehow made seafaring attire cool. This summer, no matter where you're going—whether you're strolling the city streets or sailing the high seas—Nautica has your look covered. Now, only one question remains: where are you going?

Slim Fit Wicking Polo Shirt

nautica wicking polo shirt

$65; buy now at Nautica

By now, you should be aware that performance fabric is not only for playing sports. This slimming polo features a moisture-wicking material, making it an ideal choice for the dog days of summer. That said, you definitely have to be in good shape to pull this thing off, so pump yourself up, and learn the 11 ways that fit guys motivate themselves to go to the gym.

Striped Sweater

nautica striped sweater

$60; buy now at Nautica

Sailing the high seas comes with a bit of a breeze. Toss on this sweater—crisp, clean, and just the right amount of graphic—to warm up on the water.

Slim Fit Camo Print Collection Pant

nautica camo pant

$99; buy now at Nautica

Can guys over 40 wear camo? You betcha—especially if you're wearing items from PGA golfer Cameron "Camo" Tringale's custom line for the company. Now, if only you knew some tricks to match Tringale on the green

Sea Bags Striped Duffle Bag

nautica sea bags duffle

$250; buy now at Nautica

Sea Bags is a bespoke bag company based out of the quintessentially seafaring Portland, Maine, and they're only company that could out-nautical Nautica: all of their bags are made 100 percent out of recycled sailboat cloth. It's only natural that these two companies would team up to make the perfect duffle.

Full Zip Bomber Jacket

nautica bomber

$70; buy now at Nautica

Is it a sweater? Is it a jacket? Hey, look at that: it's both—and it comes in the clean lines you've learned to love about classic bombers.

Chatfield Suede Sneaker

nautica sneaker

$70; buy now at Nautica

This suede sneaker is classy and dressed-up enough to take you from Casual Friday all the way through the three-day weekend. Of course, if you need more tips for dressing at the office, check out the 25 comprehensive rules of office style.

Slim Fit Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

nautica long sleeve polo

$40; buy now at Nautica

When a short-sleeve look might not be appropriate, spring for the long-sleeve one. Take note: This option, like its short-sleeve cousin, is also not for the gym-shy—so get yourself ripped with these workouts that male models swear by.

Orange Sport Ring Watch Box Set

nautica sport ring watch

$99; buy now at Nautica

So you're not confined to just one look, this watch comes with two interchangeable straps. One is jet black, for every situation; and the other is neon orange, for when you feel like bucking tradition. To answer your questions, no, I don't know why more companies don't offer this, and yes, neon is indeed cool now.

Selvedge Denim In White

nautica selvedge denim

$60; buy now at Nautica

Selvedge denim hails from Japan and, for the past few years, has been making quite a splash among fashionistos, and for good reason: The material may seem especially stiff at first, but, after a few wears, forms to your body in what can only be described as a custom fit—for a far more reasonable price.

Voyage Fragrance

nautica fragrance

$63; buy now at Nautica

The warmer weather calls for a lighter, fresher fragrance. This combination of dewy moss and woody amber is a distinctive scent that oozes masculinity.

Chambray Blazer

nautica opener chambray blazer

$198; buy now at Nautica

Every guy needs a chambray blazer in his sartorial repertoire. For the summer months, the breathable, flexible fabric is second to none.

Unisex Pride T-Shirt

nautica ghmc pride t shirt

$35; buy now at Nautica

As celebration for Pride Month (that's June), Nautica is offering a limited edition unisex t-shirt. The company will donate 100 percent of all proceeds on this product to GMHC, the world's first and foremost provider for HIV and AIDS prevention, care, and advocacy. In addition to getting you a stylish, well-cut shirt, your dollars will be going to an excellent cause. Everyone wins!

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