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The Most Intimidating Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

These signs might make you feel a little insecure at times.

Some people are harder to start up a conversation with than others. Whether it's because they seem too cool or are just incredibly outspoken, these folks have an air about them that can be feel intense and often intimidating. If you've ever wondered why your palms get sweaty when you go into a meeting with a certain coworker or the reason you can never think of the right thing to say around that friend of a friend, astrology might have your answer. Read on to discover the most intimidating signs, from a little bit alarming to downright domineering.

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Taureans are short-tempered and get angry easily, which can make them seem intimidating. Astrologer Amy Tripp says Taurus can be so stubborn that trying to get them to change their ways is a waste of time. "If someone persists with wanting them to make a change, their usually calm nature can erupt into extreme anger," says Tripp. "This degree of anger can intimidate others." Taureans often seem possessive or jealous, which makes it difficult to approach them casually.


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While Cancers aren't exactly frightening at first glance, they can be slightly scary because of how passive-aggressive they are. Don't upset a Cancer, because they'll hold it against you forever and you'll never know exactly what they're thinking. 'Their anger is indirectly expressed, which can be intimidating, because others have a difficult time knowing where they stand," says Tripp. Cancers can be alarming because Tripp says they have "the ability to manipulate people through emotions," which can feel toxic. While this water sign will never be outwardly domineering, they will try to get what they want quietly through subtle control.

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Leos can seem unapproachable because they have to be the center of attention at all times. This constant need for admiration and devotion can be overwhelming to introverts. Tripp tells us that Leos "command attention and others look to them for leadership," but advises that this need to outshine their friends can be unnerving. They're so self-assured it can be hard to get and keep their attention because they're the ones who are always entertaining everyone around them.


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Aries are born leaders, which can be off-putting to people who don't want to follow in their footsteps. Aries are impulsive and aggressive, leading to domineering personalities. "They're not afraid of conflict and thrive when competing," says Tripp. But she cautions that this "primal energy can feel threatening." This confident sign always knows exactly what they want and they'll do anything to get it.

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Capricorns are born to be the boss and they don't let anyone (or anything) get in the way of that. Tripp describes this earth sign as having a "strict, no-nonsense nature," which can easily "incite fear in others." The intimidation factor is increased because they cut people off easily, especially if they don't meet their high standards. They're always on the quest for greatness, which leaves little time for emotional connection and gives them a pretentious air that can make less poised signs lose their own confidence around them.



Scorpios are known for being extremely intense and serious, which can make them appear unapproachable and hard to get to know. "They like power and to be in complete control of situations," warns Tripp, who also says this intense desire for domination "can feel threatening."

Scorpios have an air of mystery and love to keep secrets, so you'll never know what they're thinking. Much like the scorpion, they have the ability to sting, so watch out. Scorpios are intimidating for a reason!

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