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The Top 10 Most "All-American" States, New Data Shows

Researchers evaluated the number of historic landmarks, sports venues, fast-food spots, and more.

Defining what is stereotypically "American" will vary depending on who you ask. For some, it may be the national pastime, baseball, while others might suggest different foods like apple pie or a root beer float. When it comes to which state is the most "all-American," that feels like an even trickier question—but according to a new study conducted by travel website Viator, there is a definitive ranking. Researchers used criteria such as the number of landmarks, national park sites, restaurants, sports venues, and RV dealerships and parks, giving states a score between 1 and 10. Read on to find out which states came out on top as the most all-American of the bunch.

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indiana war memorial
Roberto Galan / Shutterstock

All-American Score: 8.244 out of 10

Indiana ranks as the 10th-most all-American state, Viator found, thanks in large part to its high number of historic landmarks.

"There are 43 landmarks that have been officially recognized by the United States government, like the Indiana War Memorial and the iconic Broad Ripple Park Carousel in the Children's Museum of Indianapolis," Viator's study reads.

North Carolina

weird american home
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All-American Score: 8.323 out of 10

North Carolina is the ninth-most all-American state, according to Viator's data.

"While North Carolina may not have the highest number of national park sites out of the top 10 most 'All-American' states, it does have the highest average number of annual visitors per park out of the whole country with 2,048,695," the study reads.

However, its ranking was likely pulled down by its homeownership percentage (the percentage of homes occupied by the owner), which was another factor in Viator's ranking criteria. The study notes that this was included because part of the traditional "American Dream" is living in a home you own. In North Carolina, the percentage is 66.255, which is the 33rd-lowest out of all 50 states.

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at&t stadium in texas
CK Foto / Shutterstock

All-American Score: 8.391 out of 10

Texas feels somewhat low on this list, but it still earned an impressive all-American score of 8.39 out of 10. The Lone Star State has the most RV parks out of the top 10 states (551), the most sports venues per normalized land area (116), and the second most fast-food restaurants (21,363).

"If you're looking to grab a quick bite to eat while out on the road in Texas, you're in luck," the study reads. "There are 21,363 fast-food restaurants throughout the state, serving up beloved American fare in a flash."


farmland in ohio
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All-American Score: 8.604 out of 10

The number seven spot goes to Ohio, which boasts 76 historic landmarks as well as 259 RV dealerships and parks, which "underscores its commitment to the classic American tradition of road-tripping and exploring the great outdoors," the Viator study reads.


lane stadium at virginia tech
Holly Anne Cromer / Shutterstock

All-American Score: 8.632 out of 10

Virginia is the sixth-most "all-American" state, Viator found. Here you'll find 30 sports venues, including stadiums at the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech.

The study also noted that Virginia has an impressive number of average visitors at its 22 national park sites, totaling over 1,025,402 per park.


sunrise at isle royale national park
BlueBarronPhoto / Shutterstock

All-American Score: 8.641 out of 10

Michigan kicks off the top five. The state doesn't have as many national park sites as others on this list, but Viator points out that the ones it does have—including Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, and Isle Royale National Park—stand out in terms of "natural beauty."

Michigan is also a standout state in terms of homeownership.

"Notably, Michigan holds the second-place ranking for homeownership out of all 50 states at 73.6 percent—meaning the American Dream of owning your own home might be a little more obtainable here, even in the face of rising housing costs across the country," the study reads.

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New York

statue of liberty out on a clear day, american history questions

All-American Score: 8.689 out of 10

The fourth-most all-American spot is the Empire State, which has the most historic landmarks of them all. There are 275 in total, Viator points out, including particularly iconic spots like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

New York also ranks high thanks to its abundance of fast-food restaurants, as well as its sports venues, which again include notable spots like Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium.


wooden deck in everglades national park
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All-American Score: 8.811 out of 10

Florida ranks as the third-most all-American state. As its name suggests, the Sunshine State is a great spot for people who want to explore outside, with 11 national park sites to visit and "some of the country's most unique landscapes," the Viator study states.

Like New York, Florida also has a considerable amount of fast-food spots. While New York has the third-highest (17,276), Florida has the fourth-highest (16,334).

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An In-N-Out Burger location at sunset with palm trees out front.

All-American Score: 8.975 out of 10

California claims the number two spot, thanks to its considerable number of RV dealerships and parks (625) and fast-food restaurants (32,424—the highest number in all 50 states).

But beyond those quintessentially "American" draws, Cali is also known for its natural beauty, with 147 historic landmarks, including Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge.


Elfreth's Alley in Old City district of Philadelphia.

All-American Score: 9.048 out of 10

Per Viator's data, the most all-American state is Pennsylvania, which was the only spot to score over 9 points. The Keystone State really has it all when it comes to the American experience, offering a good balance of historic landmarks, national parks, sports venues, and fast-food restaurants, Viator points out.

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