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5 Secrets Marshalls Doesn't Want You to Know

Love hunting for deals at Marshalls? A retail expert shares her top tips about the store.

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There are few things you can't buy at Marshalls, the discount department store where you can stock up on clothing, beauty products, and all sorts of home decor for deeply reduced prices. Beyond its deals, the store is known for its seasonal goods and designer duds. But there are also some things you probably don't know about the store. Read on to hear from a retail expert about six secrets Marshalls doesn't want you to know, from the best times to shop to savvy ways to get even more bargains.

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Check out their sister stores for similar items (and better prices).

TJ-maxx store, Quakertown, Pennsylvania - July 14, 2017

One of the worst feelings is when you go to a store for a specific item and it's out of stock or they don't have your size. But don't fret if that happens to you at Marshalls. The store is owned by TJX Companies, which also owns and operates TJ Maxx and HomeGoods, as well as several other stores.

"If you don't see something you want at Marshalls, check out another store under the parent company," says Julie Ramholdconsumer analyst with "For example, if you're on the hunt for decorations and Marshalls is lacking, check out TJ Maxx or HomeGoods to see if they have the items you're looking for. Since all the stores are under the same parent company, there's a chance they'll often carry similar or even the same merchandise, so don't give up if Marshalls is missing something."

Likewise, it's never a bad idea to compare prices both within the TJX family and elsewhere. "Don't be afraid to shop around and see if someone else has the same or a similar item for cheaper, especially when it comes to clothing and shoes," Ramhold says. "Like other retailers, it can be cheaper, but it's not necessarily a guarantee."

Strategize how to save with their credit card.

marshalls shopping cart outside
Lets Design Studio / Shutterstock

Most retail destinations offer some sort of perk if you sign up for the store or company's credit card, and Marshalls is no different. The TJX credit card can be used at all stores owned by TJX Companies, including Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods. But you'll want to be strategic about when you sign up for it.

"Apply and as soon as you're approved, you can immediately save 10 percent on your first purchase with the card, so plan accordingly to make that first purchase really count," Ramhold says. "Note that if you apply and are approved from a desktop or tablet device, you can redeem those savings online or in-store; however, if you apply and are approved from a mobile device, you'll only be able to redeem that coupon in-store."

In addition to the initial savings, the card offers users five percent back in rewards on all purchases made at TJX stores, which eventually get you reward certificates.

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Shop early for the best deals.

A drone / aerial shot of a Marshall's department store, which is owned by the TJX Companies. The chain has off price products and is linked with TJ Maxx and Homegoods

The early bird catches the worm, and if you can get to Marshalls when they open, so might you.

"In general, the best time to shop is going to be early morning in the middle of the week," says Ramhold. "That's when you'll have fewer fellow shoppers to deal with, so you'll be able to shop at your leisure."

This time can also guarantee you'll have the first pick of new merchandise. "It's a good idea to ask your local Marshalls staff when they tend to put out new products so that you can be first in line to check them out," Ramhold suggests. "As for prices, remember that popular items will sell out quickly, so you may not want to risk waiting too long for a price drop."

And remember that inventory changes every few weeks.

store at marshalls
photosounds / Shutterstock

You might be feeling indecisive about purchasing an item, but Ramhold says not to wait too long to make up your mind, as Marshalls is said to only leave their items on the store's shelves for a limited amount of time.

"Allegedly items are planned to be on shelves for three weeks or less, so if you see something you like, don't wait too long to purchase," Ramhold says. "Check back regularly and if it seems like the supply is disappearing quickly, it may be better to go ahead and jump on it while you can."

Take a gamble when shopping online.

Woman in cafe shopping online with laptop

Like most department stores, Marshalls has a great online selection, and this gives shoppers an opportunity to save even more (if you're willing to take a gamble).

"If you see something you like online but aren't quite ready to buy, try adding it to your favorites list and waiting for a price drop," Ramhold says. "This can be a pretty risky strategy, though, so if it's something you're especially sold on, you may want to just go ahead and get it, rather than risking out altogether."

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