The No. 1 Way to Look Stylish While Bundled Up

You don't need to feel like a walking sleeping bag, stylists say.

It can be hard to feel great about your outfits when temperatures drop. While fall often leaves room for fun layering and cool coats, winter calls for sleeping bag-like outwear and functional accessories that hide pretty much everything else. But, hey, if there's one bonus, it's that if you nail your bundled-up look, you'll appear totally chic every time you leave the house—even if you wear a sweatsuit on underneath. To help you get this key outfit right, we asked stylists for their favorite way to look stylish while bundled up. They offered up their top tip, plus a few others that allow you to fine-tune things.

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If you ask a personal stylist for the most important aspect of a bundled-up look, they'll likely tell you it's accessories.

"Once you've covered up that cute outfit of yours with a warm heavy jacket, it's important to add a cute scarf, hat, and gloves to turn your outfit from simple to stylish," says Noelle Gaetano, an NYC-based stylist. "Pro tip: Matching your hat, scarf, and gloves with a bold statement color is a fun way to add a pop of color to your outfit and make you stand out!"

Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, agrees: "Winter accessories are also where you can discover a signature look that can play on repeat through the season." Experiment with them to find ones that feel unique to you.

Try a fur-trimmed coat.

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If you opt for a fur-trimmed coat, then some of your accessorizing is done for you—even if you don't add anything else.

"Fur-trimmed coats not only add a touch of glamour, but they also command the gaze up and toward the face as an outfit's focal point," says Kosich. "It's a great tactic to direct attention away from an otherwise blocky winter silhouette and keep you toasty in cold temps."

Look for detachable faux fur colors to test the look before purchasing a new coat.

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Opt for an hourglass silhouette.

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A bulky winter coat can feel like the antithesis of "style," but there's an easy way to amp it up.

"The trick is to taper at the waist, so shop belted wool coats or puffers with elastic corded waistbands for the most flattering lines," says Kosich. "Also consider on-trend, floor-skimming maxi coats with minimal, slender silhouettes that naturally elongate any shape."

You'll stay warm without feeling gobbled up by your jacket.

Try fun colors.

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Don't think the only way to look stylish in winter is to choose minimalist neutrals.

"You can inject some personality into your bundled-up looks by adding bold colors and patterns to your accessories," says Gaetano. "Go for the hot pink or lime green hat instead of a neutral."

It might not be something you'd wear on a sweater, but it's funky and fun on a pair of mittens.

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Shop standout scarves.

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You can also have fun with your scarf. "Scarves can be used to add accent colors, prints or patterns to an outerwear color column," says Kosich. "Try one in your best, most versatile power color, or go bolder with a plaid or fall floral."

It's fine to keep your look monochrome, too. "Don't rule out neutral scarves, just as long as they're textured to offer tone-on-tone visual interest when paired with other neutrals," says Kosich. You'll be feeling way more elevated in no time.

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