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6 Winter Wardrobe Essentials You Need at Every Age

They'll make getting dressed in the colder months so much easier, stylists say.

Getting dressed quickly in the winter often depends on the quality of your wardrobe essentials. If you have a solid collection of knits, dresses, T-shirts, and coats in a group of colors that match each other, you'll find putting outfits together a breeze. Pair a navy skirt with a navy knit and a timeless black boot, and you're ready for date night. Or, match that same boot with a black dress and a car coat, and you're all set for the office.

The best thing about these closet staples is that they tend to be classics, which means you can collect them over the years without them going out of style. Here, personal stylists share the wardrobe essentials they suggest for winter, no matter your age. Buy them once, and you'll keep them forever.

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Straight-leg denim

A young woman wearing an olive green shirt and jeans stands against a yellow background.
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A trusty pair of jeans is a winter necessity that works for everything from the office to shoveling snow. Michelle Barrett, stylist and founder of Capsule Closet Stylist, suggests a straight-leg pair in a mid to dark wash.

"Avoid bleached, decorated, or patterned washes, as they will date very quickly," she says. "Most people tend to associate certain styles of denim wash with different eras, but since the mid to dark tones have always been around, they're more timeless."

A mid-rise waist is also flattering on most people, though you should choose the rise that feels best to you.

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Cashmere or wool sweater

Luxury Blanket scarves stacked up

Knits are also essential, and as you age, you can collect them in various cuts and colors.

"I would go for a good quality, ethical cashmere or merino wool in a slim fit with a V-neck," says Barrett. "Cashmere and quality wool are much warmer in the winter than polyester versions."

The V-neck is great for switching up the styling, too. You can wear it on its own or with a turtleneck, T-shirt, or button-down shirt underneath.

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Wrap dress

tying wrap dress
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No, it's not too cold for dresses, especially if you know how to style them. Try a wrap dress, either in a knit material for extra warmth or with layers underneath.

"Wrap dresses suit almost everyone because they define the waist," says Barrett.

If you're wearing a patterned dress, match your layers to the color of the pattern. "For example, if you have a burgundy dress with pink flowers, you can wear a pink top underneath on cooler days," advises Barrett.

A pair of fleece-lined tights can also go a long way in making these dresses winter-proof.

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Long-sleeve t-shirt

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No matter your age, build out your collection of long-sleeved T-shirts.

"They're a fantastic base layer in winter," says Barrett. "Have one to three in colors that are common elsewhere in your wardrobe and use them either as a thermal layer or as a featured layer under a dress or sweater."

Black, white, and grey are a great place to start—and you can go beyond neutrals from there. Brands like UNIQLO make them in insulated, durable fabrics that still look chic enough to wear to the office and anywhere else.

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Pointed-toe boots

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Simple is better when it comes to boots. That way, they match as many outfits as possible in your wardrobe. Yenia Hernández Fonseca, stylist and fashion expert at Margo Paige, recommends pointed-toe ankle- or knee-high boots.

"The sharp pointed toe will help elongate your overall line, even with extra fabric coming from coats, knits, and accessories," she says.

An ankle-high silhouette works great under jeans and trousers, while a knee-high option is perfect for skirts and dresses.

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Pea coat

older woman wearing pea coat
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As for what goes on top, there's nothing more classic than a pea coat, whether you're 25 or 75.

"Their versatile, classic shape, characteristic double-breasted closure, and mid-to-heavy-weight make them a stylish, warm choice that works for women of all ages and body shapes," says Hernández Fonseca.

Purchase one in a navy, charcoal, cream, or black, and you'll get tons of use from it.

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