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6 Quick and Easy Ways to Look Put Together, Stylists Say

It doesn't require overhauling your wardrobe.

Looking polished can often feel unfeasible when you're throwing on clothes to walk the dog, visit the grocery store, or run to the coffee shop. Sometimes, we even struggle to pull it together for life's bigger moments, like a dinner party with friends or a day at the office. In order to ace each of these occasions, the key is to know a few simple tips. Here, personal stylists share their favorite easy ways to always look put together. From what to do with your hair to how to organize your closet, if you follow this advice, you'll always be dressed to impress.

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Wear a jumpsuit.

woman wearing jumpsuit
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In order to look put together in a pinch, throw on something that requires minimal mixing and matching, like a jumpsuit.

"I love a lounge jumpsuit that has a wrap top, worn with a pair of ankle boots," says Michelle Barrett, stylist and founder of Capsule Closet Stylist. "Some lounge suits almost look like PJs or sportswear, so something with a wrap top looks more sophisticated but still feels super comfortable to wear."

For the winter, select one with long sleeves and wear a T-shirt or tank top underneath in a contrasting color.

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Throw on a tea dress.

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For dressier occasions, a tea dress (one with short sleeves, a full skirt, and often a floral pattern) always fits the bill.

"They are a classic design and can be dressed for work with comfortable shoes or up for the evening with a pair of heels," says Barrett. "If you are worried about your tummy, choose a tea dress that comes in under your bust and then gently falls in an A-line to the knee." It'll instantly enhance your silhouette.

Style the dress for the office with a blazer. For date night, wear a pair of glitzy slides. In the winter, pair the tea dress with tights and ankle or knee-high boots.

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Keep your accessories one color.

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An easy way to keep your outfit cohesive—especially if you have little time to put it together—is to keep your accessories one color.

"For example, if you have black shoes, match the same to your bag and belt," says Barrett. "In addition, you can also link it through to a hat, too, if you are wearing one."

If your outfit has a print, match your accessories to the color of the print, not the base color of the item.

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Build your closet around eight colors.

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While you don't need to re-do your entire wardrobe to create a more polished look, you should keep its color story in mind as you continue to grow it.

"If you limit your colors to under eight, it makes it much easier to mix and match your clothes," says Barrett. "Learn which colors work for your skin, hair, and eyes and what styles work for your body type."

As you put outfits together, keep them to three colors, max. "One or two for the main part of the outfit and the other as a highlight color you use for small items of clothing or accessories," Barrett explains.

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Finish with sunnies.

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Who needs makeup when you have a fabulous pair of sunglasses? Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, says they're a key element for any put-together look.

"Invest in quality materials like heavyweight acetate or polished alloy, titanium, or stainless steel metals," she says. "Choose timeless designs like oversized statement styles, wayfarers, or aviators and avoid conspicuous logos." Pop them on and prepare to impress.

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Create a signature beauty look.

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One of the best things you can do to always put your most polished self forward is to find an easy hairstyle that looks incredible on you.

"If your haircare routine is difficult to keep up with, try a slicked-back look that's timeless, flawless, and super sophisticated," says Kosich. "Style in a chignon at the nape of the neck or braided ponytail if long, or slicked back with a headband if short."

A swipe of lipstick also does wonders. "Find a statement color that best harmonizes with your skin tone, choosing blue-reds and berries for cool undertones and orangey-reds and corals for warm ones," says Kosich. Even if the rest of your outfit is a simple white T-shirt, you'll look totally chic.

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