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7 Winter Jacket Styling Tips If You're Over 60, According to Stylists

You don't need to sacrifice style just to stay warm in chilly weather.

As we age, our bodies become more sensitive to the cold. That means thinking harder about what outer layers you're going to need in the months ahead. But if you're someone who finds it hard to feel fashionable when you're being forced to bundle up during the cold season, changing up your coat choices could make all the difference this year. Talking to stylists, we confirmed that you don't need to sacrifice style just to stay warm—even if you're over 60. Read on for seven winter jacket styling tips you should consider.

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Look for coats with contoured shapes.

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You don't have to hold yourself hostage to the typical boxy and rectangular design of most winter jackets on the market.

"There are much more flattering options out there," Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, tells Best Life.

Instead, those over 60 should look for coats with "contoured lines that taper at the waist," according to Kosich. "This simulates a more stylish hourglass shape," she says.

Buy jackets with belts.

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Or if you can't find a jacket you like with a naturally contoured shape, opt for one with a belt instead.

"Belted styles work wonders to minimize bulk and accentuate curves," Kosich says.

For example, you can look for "puffer parkas with clasp belts or classic wool jackets with sashes that tie," according to the stylist.

"But regardless of style, consider tying a belt in back for an open look that reduces fabric, tapers at the waist, slims and elongates," she suggests.

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Think about what you're wearing underneath.

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Sometimes it's not about the winter coat itself but what you're pairing it with. Tadas Pukas, styling expert and founder of Minimalistic Linen, says his biggest styling tip for those over 60 is wearing a thermal top under your jacket.

"Your body heat will be retained and insulated," he shares. With that in mind, you won't have to worry about layering too many things under your coat—allowing you to opt for sleeker options and avoid an unwanted bulky appearance.

"A thermal is the ideal foundation for any winter ensemble because it comes in a variety of styles, including long sleeves, singlets, and different necklines," Pukas adds.

Seek out soft materials.

suede jacket collar

Leather is a fan-favorite material for winter jackets. But Kosich actually advises people over 60 to consider materials that are softer, like suede.

"Softer, supple suede is less harsh against aging faces, delivering a more forgiving and flattering effect," she explains.

You can also seek out jackets with sheepskin, shearling, and faux fur lining or trim "for an added touch of cozy and femininity," according to Kosich. "Those gentle, tactile details better support aging features and will frame your face more delicately than leather," she says.

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Take a break from black.

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It's not just the material you should think about, however. Kosich recommends that older adults consider the color of their winter jacket as well.

"Over time, contrast lessens—making our appearance more soft and less striking. So basic black can suddenly look overpowering and severe," she warns.

But don't look at this as a bad thing. Instead, see it as an "opportunity to reimagine your winter wardrobe with more optimal and appropriate dark neutrals," Kosich says.

"Consider other hues, like charcoal, camel and midnight blue, or universally flattering taupe, pewter, or chocolate brown," she suggests. "Going lighter will make you look brighter, instead of the harsher effects of black."

Find flattering necklines.

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Many men deal with hair loss as they get older as well. With that in mind, Matt Fielding, owner of Bald & Happy, a website that offers fashion advice for bald men, says it's important to focus on finding flattering necklines for your winter jacket.

"Particularly relevant for bald or shaved men, v-necks or open-collared jackets draw the eye downwards, offering a balanced appearance," he explains. "Round necks, on the other hand, exaggerate the round shape of a bald head and should be avoided where possible."

Consider the length of your coat.

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Your cut considerations should go beyond the neckline though. Everyone over 60 should also think about the length of their winter coat, according to Kosich.

"For the most flattering line, opt for cropped or mid-thigh jacket lengths that keep the silhouette parsed in thirds—the ideal proportions most pleasing to the eye," she shares.

In terms of what to avoid, Kosich advises against jacket lengths that end around the hips.

"They will halve the body and add bulk," she cautions. "Conversely, cropped jackets draw attention to the natural waist and mid-thigh length jackets create an outside monochromatic color column that elongates. So length matters."

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