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5 Date-Night Style Tips If You're Over 60, Stylists Say

Look and feel your best, whether you've been married for years or are going on a first date.

Getting dressed for date night is one of those things that never gets old. Whether you've been with your partner for years or are heading out on a series of first and second rendezvous, date night gives you the opportunity to primp and polish, taking your time with your hair and makeup and throwing on an outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. But as you embark on your seventh decade, you might find yourself running low on outfit inspiration. To help, we asked personal stylists for their best date-night style tips if you're over 60. Keep reading for their advice, from the most romantic fabrics to how to show a little skin without going overboard.

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Show skin in an unexpected way.

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You might not be wearing the mini skirt and tube top combo from your earlier decades, but you can still show some skin.

Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, suggests an understated cold-shoulder, one-shoulder, or off-shoulder top. A V-neck is another great choice. "Put your décolletage on display with a showstopping necklace that serves as a focal point to direct your date's gaze," she says. You can achieve a similar result by wearing a button-down shirt with a few buttons open.

If you prefer to show off your legs, Kosich recommends dresses with front or side slits in luxe materials like leather and velvet. "Add a smooth, supple leather cardigan jacket and sling-back heels for an extra touch of sexy," she says. You'll look so sophisticated without appearing too buttoned up.

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Wear plush, romantic fabrics.

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The fabrics you choose for date night should add to your outfit's allure. "Wear soft, tactile materials like cashmere or silk to project a soft, approachable look, then pair with dark denim jeans that slim to level up both the sophistication and flattery," says Kosich.

Michelle Barrett, stylist and founder of Capsule Closet Stylist, agrees that silks and satins "feel sexy and luxurious." Anything that makes you want to reach out and touch it fits the bill here.

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Style a simple A-line dress.

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Need a date-night outfit formula you can wear in your 60s—and every decade after that? Invest in a tea-style dress with elbow-length or 3/4-length sleeves.

"Choose a dress that comes in under the bust and then gently flares out, skimming the tummy, into an A-line skirt to just below the knee," says Barrett. "If you have a pattern on your dress, use the pattern color to match accessories like a clutch bag and heels." If the evening is cool, you can throw on a pashmina, trench, or wool coat.

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Go monochrome.

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Another way to look instantly classy is to dress all in one color. "Monochrome looks not only create clean, elongating lines, but they're also an elegant look that does not distract from the wearer," says Kosich. "Try tone-on-tone pairings to add texture and interest but without creating chaos."

So, how do you choose which color to go all in on? Kosich says you can opt for your favorite accent color, like burgundy, emerald green, or pastel pink. Or, you could dress in a head-to-toe neutral and contrast it with a colorful lip. "True red works magic for all undertones," says Kosich.

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Add the right accessories.

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Finally, don't overlook chic accessories when it comes to date night. Barrett says a silk scarf oozes sophistication: "You can use it tied around your neck then gently tucked into your décolletage or as a splash of color around your wrist or tied to the strap of your bag."

Then, add jewelry. Kosich chooses either statement earrings or a statement necklace, such as sparkly huggies or a choker. She always ensures it has meaning: "Jewelry that tells a story are great conversation starters, so always shop jewelry while on vacation to find unique, artisan pieces that enhance your wardrobe and speak to your life experiences."

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