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The Laziest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They take relaxation to the extreme.

You probably know a few people who are true workhorses. They're up at dawn to complete their morning routine, get to the office before the boss, and would always rather take the stairs than ride the elevator. And then, of course, you know people who are the complete opposite—in other words, lazy. They're bonafide couch potatoes and will go to great lengths to put in the minimal work required. These signs prefer to be catered to, and they're good at making people help them out so they can maintain their lackadaisical lifestyles. Astrologers say it might have to do with their horoscope sign. Read on for the laziest members of the zodiac, from the slightly sluggish to the total sloths.

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This sign is known for its need for speed. It's the first sign of the zodiac, after all, and always wants to beat others to the punch. However, certified spiritual counselor and astrologer Letao Wang says they can be surprisingly lazy.

"Mars, the planet of action, rules Aries, but that action often comes in short, intense bursts," Wang explains. "Between those bursts, Aries are more likely to be found recharging their batteries—also known as napping—proving that even the most energetic of us need a break sometimes."

However, once they're back at it, they'll be as energized as ever.


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This is another sign whose laziness often flies under the radar. Writer and astrologer Rebecca M. Farrar says they have a penchant for taking it easy.

The lion of the zodiac, "this sign shares cat-like traits such as napping and being tended to," Farrar explains. "Though their charisma may not serve them when it comes to getting things done, their charm may help people not notice."

Funnily enough, you might be tricked into doing their work for them—and still giving them all the credit!

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While they're always game to race to the next flight or long-distance train, you can't always rely on an adventurous Sagittarius to get things done.

"They simply shun mundane tasks that don't align with their visionary spirits," says Liz Roby, astrologer and the founder of Astrologify. "Seeking excitement, they selectively apply enthusiasm."

If you ask a Sagittarius to complete a task or chore they don't find beneficial, they'll probably skip it.


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You'll probably never find this sign putting in their full effort at the office.

"They feel happiest in an environment where deep emotional connections can be formed, which is why climbing up the career ladder is not a top priority for a typical Cancer," explains Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. "They are never tired of taking care of their loved ones, but working in a cold office atmosphere may make them exhausted."

If you need them to cook a five-course meal at the last minute, though, they'll gladly do it if you're a part of their inner circle.

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This sign is too busy daydreaming to be bothered with the tasks they have to do in real life.

"They mainly focus on their emotions and thoughts, so they dislike things that distract them from inner contemplation, self-reflection, listening to music, reading books, watching movies, and meditating," says Alta. "And what could hinder the exploration of the treasures within their subconscious more than all these boring work tasks and domestic chores?"

They'll often forget to do what they've promised or put in a half effort to complete things faster.


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If you look at this sign's ruling planet, you'll understand why it's the laziest sign.

"Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury, indulgence, and Netflix marathons," says Wang. "Taureans are known for their love of comfort and routine, making them the zodiac's premier couch potatoes." Find them cuddled up with cashmere blankets and cushy pillows.

This extends to how Taureans behave in the workplace, too. The only exception is if they find a career it's truly passionate about.

"To become a hard worker, a Taurus needs to fall in love with their job truly," Wang notes. "That's when they can start putting all their heart and soul into it. Until they do it, money can become their main motivator, as it's hard to afford all these small pleasures of life without a stable financial income."

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