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17 Best Impulse Buys From Home Depot

Who could say no to dog-shaped mason jars?

When you think about adorable trinkets and charming accessories, Home Depot is probably one of the last stores that comes to mind. After all, what kind of tempting items are you going to find amongst paint swabs and potting soil? However, you'd be naïve to think that the home improvement store isn't stocked with sweet stuff that'll lure you into making impulsive purchases. From cat-embroidered hand towels to a tray that cooks bacon in the microwave, here are some of the best Home Depot impulse buys. And since not every impulse purchase is created equal, read up on the 33 Checkout Counter Impulse Buys You Should Never (Ever!) Fall For.

A Glass Pyramid Terrarium

Glass Pyramid Terrarium Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$24.50; buy now at

A beautiful set of succulents deserves a beautiful planter, like this glass terrarium. Plus, this eye-catching planter is a surefire way to get you to remember to water your succulents every so often!

A Metallic Wall Sculpture

Multi-Metallic Wall Decor Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$48; buy now at

Sometimes you come across a decorative piece that you can't say no to—and this metallic wall sculpture is one of them. Even if you're not at Home Depot to pick up decor, you'd be crazy to pass up this room-changing piece for under $50.

A Ninja Coffee Bar System

Ninja Coffee System Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$125; buy now at

It's hard to justify spending $125 on an impulse purchase. But this Ninja coffee bar system will actually save you money in the long run. If you're buying $5 lattes every morning, then you're currently spending nearly $2,000 a year on coffee alone—and $125 is definitely more reasonable than a couple grand.

A Three-Tier Basket Rack

Three-Tier Basket Rack Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$48; buy now at

Clear up counter space in your kitchen or bathroom with this three-tier basket rack from Home Depot. Though it's not the kind of storage item anyone thinks about going to Home Depot for, this rack is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, making it a hard impulse buy to pass up.

A Geometric Tray

Decorative Blue Geometric Tray Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$140; buy now at

Decorative trays are all the rage these days in the home decor realm. Not only do they add pizzazz to any space, but you can also use them practically to serve food and drinks when guests come over. This one from Home Depot might be $140, but it's enough of a statement piece to be worth it.

Cat-Embroidered Hand Towels

Hand Towels with Cats on Them Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$25 for 2; buy now at

What cat lover can resist these feline-embroidered hand towels? And at just $25 for two towels, this bathroom accessory is an impulse purchase that even frugal folks can get behind.

Faux Fur Decorative Pillows

Faux Fur Throw Pillows Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$31.50 for 2; buy now at

A few throw pillows can make your home look like it belongs to a Hollywood A-lister. These faux fur pillows in particular are simple, but their light pink hue and soft texture are sure to add style to any space.

A White Marble Jar

Marble Vase Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$22; buy now at

Do you need a white marble storage jar with a gold rim? Probably not. But for just $22, you won't feel too guilty about this impulse buy. Plus, whether you use it to store various kitchen staples or as a vessel for loose change, you're bound to put this jar to good use.

A Microwave Bacon Cooker

Microwave Bacon Cooker Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$14; buy now at

Making bacon requires a ton of clean-up. But not if you spend $14 at Home Depot on this microwave bacon cooker. It's the kind of spur-of-the-moment purchase that you'll thank yourself for every time you want some crispy bacon and really don't want to deal with a mess.

A Smart Light Switch

Smart Light Dimmers Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

Home Depot

$60; buy now at

Want to operate a light switch from the comfort of your couch with a remote? All you need is $60 and a trip to Home Depot. This smart light switch even has a button that will dim or brighten bulbs to your desired luminosity. On the Home Depot website, customers rave that it's "easy to install" and "works great."

A Round Bar Cart

Round Bar Cart Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$127; buy now at

Bar carts are the fashionable household item that nobody needs and yet everybody wants. So if you come across a well-priced piece, like this $127 round frame version from Home Depot, there's really no reason not to pull the trigger and finally add a mod bar cart to your home.

Dog-Shaped Mason Jars

Dog-Shaped Mason Jars Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$22 for 6; buy now at

Mason jars are hard enough to resist as it is, but dog-shaped mason jars? Forget about it. You might as well just embrace the fact that any trip to Home Depot is going to end with you purchasing this set—and that's perfectly fine. They're only $3.67 a piece!

Mason Jar String Lights

Mason Jar Outdoor String Lights Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$20 per string; buy now at

If you have too many mason jars on your shelves, then it's time to take them outside. You can light up the night with the soft and soothing glow of these mason jar string lights. When they're hanging in the air, they almost look like a swarm of fireflies that'll transport you to your favorite camping trip.

A Pom Pom Bed Skirt

Pom Pom Bed Skirt Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$31; buy now at

Your bed should look great from top to bottom—and with this pom pom bed skirt, it can. It's sleek, it's stylish, and best of all, it hides all of the clutter you're keeping under your bed.

A Three-Speed Immersion Blender

KitchenAid Immersion Blender Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$45; buy now at

An immersion blender is a handheld tool that blends liquids like soups, sauces, and iced drinks. But unlike a blender that can only puree or blend a certain amount of liquid at a time, an immersion blender can be used with any size container, whisking its contents to perfection. For any home chef or barista, this gadget is quickly going to feel like less of an impulse buy and more of a must-have.

A Printed Panel Room Divider

Printed Panel Room Divider Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$118.50; buy now at

Compartmentalize your room with class with these printed panels. Each side of this room divider features a reproduction of an iconic Vincent van Gogh painting, so these wooden panels will really spiff up and separate any space.

Seasonal Floral Placemats

Floral Patterned Placemats Home Depot Impulse Buys
Home Depot

$40$32 for 4; buy now at

Entertaining in the spring and summer is all about utilizing your outdoor space. Whether you're having people over for brunch or throwing a BBQ, these reversible placemats will instantly upgrade your tablescape. Plus, they're machine washable, so you can just throw them in with your dirty laundry after a party and they'll be good as new. And since you're going to be attending many a soiree for the next few months, here are 8 Genius Ways to Be the Life of the Party.

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