50 Amazing Gifts for People Who Have Everything

These genius gifts are sure to delight even those folks on your list who claim they don't want a thing.

There are two kinds of gift recipients: the folks who know exactly what they want (and aren't afraid to give you a long, itemized list to that effect), and those who claim they don't want anything, but would be horrified to have nothing to unwrap come the holidays. For the latter, there's hope—and no, we don't mean resorting to a gift card again. This year, we've rounded up the very best gifts for people who have everything, each sure to delight those particularly picky folks on your list. Read on to discover gifts everyone on your list will love—even if they don't know it yet. And for more great gifting ideas for those hard-to-buy-for folks on your list, check out The 50 Best Gifts Under $50 for Your Husband.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This EcoSphere


Have someone in your life who loves pets, but couldn't even keep a goldfish alive? Then they'll adore this EcoSphere, a self-sustaining, enclosed ecosystem that comes complete with brine shrimp and plants.

$45 at Amazon
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This adorable succulent pillow

succulent pillow
Green Philosophy

Even if your giftee doesn't have a green thumb, they can still enjoy some gorgeous greenery in their home. This succulent pillow will look adorable whether they're popping it on their bed or using it as an accent on their living room couch.

$49$39 at Green Philosophy
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This interactive yoga mat

woman using yoga mat

Who says working out has to be a chore? With this Twister-esque yoga mat, practicing those asanas is easier—and more enjoyable—than ever.

$38 at Amazon
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This international snack box

box of snacks

The snack fanatic in your life is sure to light up when they open up their MunchPak this holiday season. Full of goodies from around the world, from chips to candy, it's got something to suit every palate.

$10 and up at MunchPak
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This adjustable standing desk

white standing desk in office

If the past 10 months working from home have wreaked havoc on their back, this standing desk is sure to be a hit. It even adjusts to different heights, making it possible for them to use it as a traditional seated desk, as well.

$300 at Flexispot
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This garnish garden

small white bucket with herbs
Five Drinks Co.

The only thing better than enjoying a great cocktail? Having an easy to tend to garden that grows your favorite garnishes right from the comfort of your own home.

$63 at Five Drinks Co.
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This set of goth makeup brushes

black makeup brushes

Face it: pink beauty products are played out. If you've got someone on your list who loves beauty and the dark side, their little black heart will grow three sizes when they find this edgy dark purple makeup brush set under the tree.

$150 at Anisa
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This monthly pizza subscription

deep dish pizza

Ordering pizza: good. Having someone send the world's best pizza to your house without you having to lift a finger: awesome.

$89$79 at Goldbelly
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This Meyer lemon tree

small meyer lemon tree in green pot

When 2020 gives you lemons, make lemonade. This Meyer lemon tree is an ideal present for your favorite green thumb, as well as anyone looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle in 2021.

$70 at Plants.com
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This kids' loft bed

children playing on and under gray loft bed
Delta Children

Instead of getting your kids another toy they're likely to play with for a few minutes and toss aside, why not get them a room upgrade instead? This Delta Children loft bed is the perfect space-saving addition to any room, with plenty of room underneath to set up play forts or use as storage.

$250 at Delta Children
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This Swarovski crystal mask and chain

mask with swarovski crystals on it

Face masks are here to stay for a while, so make your favorite fashionista enjoy wearing theirs a little bit more by gifting them this glitzy version. Studded with Swarovski crystals, it's basically haute couture for your face.

$85 at Kynah
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This Lunii storyteller

green radio with yellow buttons

Help spark your little ones' creativity without giving them additional screen time with this genius screen-free Lunii storyteller. Not only can they enjoy making and listening to hundreds of stories on it, you can even download messages from loved ones to it for a personalized gift they're sure to love.

$80 at Lunii
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This Pando trivia game

black box of pando trivia game

The pandemic may be keeping your family apart physically, but you can let them know they're still on your mind with this hilarious Pando game. Full of fun trivia that only the folks closest to you will get, it's bound to make those family Zooms a whole lot more fun.

$25 at Pando
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This herbal tea subscription box

brown envelope and silver packets of tea
Tea Runners

Have someone on your list who can't make it through the day without a cup of tea? Then they're sure to be thrilled when they receive this herbal tea gift box, which sends them four packs of delicious teas—with no repeats—every one, two, or three months.

$25 at Tea Runners
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This limited edition learning tower

child cooking on white step ladder
Little Partners

Any parent can attest that learning towers are a must-have for little ones who want to help in the kitchen. If you want a great gift for a parent-kid pair who love to cook together, this limited edition learning tower from Little Partners, which comes complete with an attached chalkboard, is guaranteed to be a hit.

$240$220 at Little Partners
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This beauty mini fridge

silver mini fridge

The beauty product devotee in your life deserves a way to store those pricey goods somewhere other than the crisper drawer. Enter: this beauty mini fridge, ideal for keeping those creams cold and those nail polishes ready to use.

$50 at Amazon
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This watch subscription box

box with silver watch in it

Why shell out for one pricey watch when you can get your favorite accessory lover a rotation of wrist candy? With this subscription box from WatchGang, they'll always have something special to show off.

$50 and up at WatchGang
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This luxe dog bed

gray dog bed with green piping

Don't leave your pup off your must-gift list this year! The pampered pooch in your life will love curling up in this responsive foam bed, which comes with its own machine-washable cover.

$89 at Sleepenvie
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This massage candle

candle in brown glass jar
Lucky Thirteen Candle

Kill two birds with one stone this year with this ingenious massage candle from Lucky Thirteen Candle Co. All they have to do is light the wick, let the candle burn for up to 10 minutes, and pour the slightly cooled wax into their hands to use as a massage cream!

$25$22 at Lucky Thirteen Candle
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This candy bento box

clear boxes of candy

The only thing better than a stocking full of candy? A bento box full of the candy they actually want. And that's just what they'll get with this set from Sugarfina, which comes with your choice of candies including the brand's famous champagne bears, reindeer sparkle pops, and candy cane caramels.

$30 at Sugarfina
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This crafting kit

pink and purple silicone beads in clear box
Cara & Co.

The kids in your life will love receiving this truly creative crafting kit. Whether they're making themselves a necklace or stringing bracelets for friends, it's the perfect way to make their time spent at home a whole lot more fun.

$33 at Cara & Co.
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These vegan fur slides

feet in brown faux fur slides

Sure, they may not be wearing their collection of fancy footwear outside the house much right now, but that doesn't mean they can't look like a million bucks right at home. These Noize faux fur slides are adorable, luxe, and cruelty-free, bringing a hint of glam to their new work pajama uniform.

$65 at Noize
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These faux fur sneakers

gray faux fur sneakers

And when their kids inevitably want something just as glam for themselves, these adorable faux fur sneakers are the perfect mix of luxury and practicality.

$35 at Zappos
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This self-care gift set

box of soaps and lotions
Indigo Wild

Who couldn't use a little a little TLC in 2020? With this Zum self-care kit, your giftee can treat themselves to the R&R they so desperately deserve.

$38 at Indigo Wild
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This pearl Apple Watch strap

apple watch with pearl strap
Victoria Emerson

If someone on your list already has all the latest devices, why not get them an accessory to make their favorite one a bit more glam? This Victoria Emerson freshwater pearl Apple Watch strap can turn any device into a statement piece in seconds.

$49 at Victoria Emerson
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This Illy espresso and drip coffee maker

black illy espresso and coffee maker

Who needs to shell out cash at a coffee house when you've got an amazing espresso maker right at home? With this machine from Illy, your giftee can make either espresso or drip coffee at the touch of a button.

$135 at Amazon
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This custom snow globe

snow globe with white house in it

Have somebody who's perpetually homesick on your list? Make them feel a bit more at home anywhere they go with this snow globe, which you can have customized to include a tiny version of their family home.

$365 and up at Etsy
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This mulberry silk pillowcase

white silk pillow case
Silken Pure

The only thing better than a great blow-out? A great blow-out that doesn't get ruined in your sleep. With this mulberry silk pillowcase, your giftee can keep their tresses soft and silky as they sleep, waking up to a great hair day, every day.

$105$98 at Silken Pure
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This electric rug warmer

gray rug on floor in modern home

There are few things more unpleasant than your cold toes hitting the floor in the morning. If you want to make someone on your list a whole lot more comfortable on a day-to-day basis, this rug warmer is the perfect gift.

$250 at Amazon
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This monogrammed phone case

rows of multicolored monogrammed phone cases

Even if you don't have the incentive (or budget) to get someone an expensive phone this year, you can still get them a gift that'll wow. This monogrammed iPhone case is the ideal way to give their device a major aesthetic upgrade.

$25 and up at Etsy
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This rainbow eternity band

woman's hand with rainbow eternity band on it
Joie de Viv

Diamonds aren't the only stone that deserves a spot in that special someone's repertoire. This colorful sapphire eternity band is the perfect way to liven up any outfit.

$879 at Joie de Viv
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This personalized stoneware

red and blue casserole dishes with monograms in white
Personal Creations

They'll never take home the wrong dish from a potluck again with this set of personalized stoneware. It's sure to become an essential part of their culinary repertoire in no time.

$36$27 at Personal Creations
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This minute mimosa set

champagne glass next to pink sugar cubes
Uncommon Goods

No brunch places to go to? No problem! You can bring the most fun part of brunch—the drinks—home for someone special with this minute mimosa sugar cube set. All they have to do is drop one in their favorite champagne or sparkling wine and they're good to go!

$30 at Uncommon Goods
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This outdoor emergency survival gear kit

black box full of tactical gear
Battle Buddy Gear

If you can survive 2020, you can survive basically anything. However, for the prepper on your list, you can always make sure they have the tools they need to survive even more than a pandemic with this 14-in-1 emergency survival gear kit, complete with everything from a wire saw to flint stones to a tactical flashlight.

$90 at Battle Buddy Gear
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This moving safe puzzle

wooden puzzle in the shape of a safe
Uncommon Goods

This genius gift has twice the fun for whomever you give it to: first, they have to assemble the safe, then, they get to enjoy trying to crack it!

$60 at Uncommon Goods
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This customizable recycled pom pom throw

stack of fuzzy throws with pom pom trim
Pottery Barn Teen

Whether they love making forts or just enjoy cozying up on movie nights, this customizable Sherpa throw is guaranteed to be a beloved possession or years to come. You can even get it monogrammed for an extra-special touch.

$40 at Pottery Barn Teen
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This tabletop fire pit

gray fire pit on table
The Grommet

Even if they don't have room for a full-sized fire pit in their backyard, they can enjoy that same coziness right at home with this adorable tabletop fire pit. All it takes is a little rubbing alcohol and they'll have a glowing source of warmth that burns for 50 minutes without producing any smoke or soot.

$95 at The Grommet
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This sloth adoption kit

sloth stuffed animal
World Wildlife Fund

Sure, you may not be able to get your kids a meeting with a sloth a la Kristen Bell, but you can get them the next best thing: this sloth adoption kit. In addition to a certificate of adoption and photo, the kid you're buying for will also get an adorable 10-inch plush stuffed animal with your purchase.

$55 at World Wildlife Fund
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This Mirror home workout system

man working out in front of mirror exercise device

If the pandemic has upended that special someone's workout routine, bring the gym to them by gifting them the Mirror, the hottest workout device of 2020. Unlike traditional exercise equipment, all they need is a wall to hang it on to get in a great sweat session every time.

$1495 and up at Mirror
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These snake bookends

gold snake bookends

The bibliophile on your list will hiss with happiness when they unwrap these snake bookends. Whether they're using them to prop up their favorite collections or just using them as a decorative element in a room, they're sssssssss-ure to be a hit.

$150$135 at Etsy
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This outdoor mini grill

small silver grill with green pepper on it next to tongs
MoMA Design Store

Who says you need to wait until summer to grill? This outdoor mini grill can help someone on your list make their favorite fare all year long.

$98 at MoMA Design Store
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This hair repair set

bottles of shampoo and conditioner, white headband, and gold brush

Buying for a someone who changes their hair color almost as often as they change their clothes? Then give them this tea-infused hair repair set, which promises to bring those damaged locks back to life in no time.

$62 at Pai-Shau
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This bagel baking kit

open cardboard box next to stack of bagels

If your giftee doesn't have a great bagel store in their neck of the woods, they can make their own breakfast treats right in the comfort of their own homes with this bagel-making kit. All they need to bring is the lox!

$33 at Baketivity
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This custom paint-by-numbers kit

young blonde woman in blue robe holding painting of herself

The only thing more impressive than having the work of one of the great masters in your house? Having a masterpiece of your own making—starring you, of course! And that's just what your giftee will get with this amazing paint-by-numbers kit.

$75$49 at PaintNumbers
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This PūrLite medical-grade sanitizer

hand putting glasses into white sanitizer box

It's not just masks that should be cleaned on a daily basis. Fortunately, with this genius medical-grade sanitizer, your favorite germ-averse giftee can clean everything from their keys to their glasses in mere seconds, killing pathogens including COVID along the way.

$200$180 at PūrLite
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This dog portrait

gray french bulldog dressed as a general in a painting
Crown & Paw

The proud pup parent on your list deserves to unwrap more than just a new ball or bag of treats for their four-legged friend this holiday season. With this custom pet portrait, they can gaze upon their canine companion's gorgeous visage day in and day out.

$50 at Crown & Paw
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This personalized song lyric wall hanging

wooden record player engraved with song lyrics

Looking for a sentimental gift for your significant other that they're sure to love? With this personalized wall hanging, you can add their favorite lyrics to a customized piece of art that will remind them of you every time they look at it.

$75 at Etsy
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This cast-iron bat door knocker

bronze bat doorknocker

To that spooky someone on your list, Halloween lasts all year. While moving them into the Munster house might be cost-prohibitive, you can still help them celebrate their favorite holiday 24/7/365 with this charming cast-iron bat door knocker.

$37 at Amazon
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This glitter snow tube

woman holding purple glittery inner tube

The best part about winter (after the presents)? The sledding, of course! Give someone on your list the gift of riding downhill in style with this sparkly inner tube.

$50 at Amazon
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This make your own robot kit

orange rolling robot
KinderLab Robotics

The little ones on your list will go wild when they see this make your own robot kit under the tree. While they'll have fun programming it to drive around, you'll enjoy knowing that they're learning valuable STEM skills along the way.

$149 at KinderLab Robotics
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This personalized lock necklace

gold necklace with lock bearing the letter M on it

Sure, putting a love lock on a Parisian bridge might be a bit too expensive for most folks, but you can express the same sentiment with this gorgeous gold-plated lock necklace from Adorned. You can even add their initial to create a beautiful bespoke gift that won't break the bank.

$120$74 at Adorned
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