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7 Ways a Bidet Will Change How You Go to the Bathroom, Experts Say

These are the biggest benefits of installing a bidet.

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Considered standard in parts of Europe and Japan, bidets have historically struggled to gain traction in America thanks to the perception that they're unhygienic, difficult to use, or simply too unfamiliar. That is, they did struggle until the pandemic struck and toilet paper vanished from grocery store aisles overnight. At that point, toilet bidet attachments began surging in popularity, prompting many Americans to reconsider their preconceived notions about bathroom washers.

This change in attitude is long overdue, says Miki Agrawal, founder of the popular bidet brand TUSHY. "For over a century, Americans have been stuck in a cycle of using toilet paper because it's the norm they've grown up with—not because it's the best for cleanliness or the environment," she tells Best Life. "Now, as people are learning that over 15 million trees are being chopped down to make toilet paper each year, and realizing more and more that washing with water cleans you better than dry paper, we're seeing a dramatic shift."

Many doctors agree that bidets offer unique benefits when used properly. Karen Zaghiyan, MD, FASCRS, a board-certified colorectal surgeon, recently shared on TikTok that she's "a huge fan" of bidets. "I have used one personally for several years now, and I recommend it to all of my patients," she said, showing off the model she uses in her own home.

Wondering exactly what you stand to gain by adding the water feature to your toilet? These are the biggest ways a bidet will revolutionize how you go to the bathroom.

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You'll have a more hygienic experience.

TUSHY bidet

Though Americans tend to bristle at the thought of using a bidet, the Cleveland Clinic says that when used properly, it can provide a more hygienic experience than toilet paper alone.

"Bidets use a stream of fresh water for cleaning, which is more effective at removing bacteria and residue than toilet paper. This method not only leaves you feeling fresher but also helps prevent the spread of infections," says Agrawal. She adds that bidets can offer a hygienic solution for women during menstruation and postpartum recovery, as well as before and after sex.

You'll be less prone to irritation in sensitive areas.

Close up of a woman wearing a light pink dress sitting on a toilet pulling toilet paper
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Agrawal also notes that bidets can benefit people with health conditions that cause heightened sensitivity. "For those suffering from conditions like hemorrhoids, UTIs, anal fissures, or general sensitivity and loose stool, the gentle washing action of a bidet can provide relief from pain and discomfort and messiness associated with toilet paper," says Agrawal.

Zaghiyan notes that for this reason, she often recommends bidets to her patients with those pre-existing conditions. By eliminating direct contact with rough toilet paper, you can reduce the likelihood of irritation.

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You may find them more accessible.

Elderly woman holding a grab bar in a bathroom

Agrawal makes the case that anyone who struggles with mobility would benefit from using a bidet. "Bidets offer a hands-free alternative to traditional toilet paper, making them an excellent option for the elderly, those with disabilities, or anyone with mobility issues. This can aid in independence and maintain dignity in personal care," she tells Best Life.

A 2005 study confirms that wash and dry bidet models were found to be beneficial among women over 75 in nursing care facilities. The research suggests that besides improving independence in the bathroom, the use of bidets also lowered the bacterial content of the subjects' urine.

You'll have adjustable options.

person holding a remote for a bidet over the toilet

Bidets are not a one-size-fits-all experience—different models offer different features, and most have adjustable settings for customized comfort. You can also purchase a freestanding bidet toilet or a less expensive bidet attachment that attaches to your current toilet.

"If you're looking to go all out on your toilet, I would recommend the one that I own—this is the Toto Neorest AH model," says Zaghiyan. Among its impressive features are an automatically opening lid, water temperature controls, and drying function (it also costs $6,200).

Agrawal says that TUSHY bidet attachments, retailing for little more than $100, also "come with adjustable settings, allowing users to customize water temperature and pressure for a personalized cleaning experience."

"With features like warm water and air dryers, modern bidets offer a luxurious experience that elevates the standard bathroom visit into a moment of comfort and self-care," the entrepreneur adds.

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You'll spend less time plunging.

hand in blue glove with toilet plunger over toilet
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Minimizing your use of toilet paper may also help you minimize your risk of a plumbing problem. Because you'll need just a few squares of toilet paper to pat yourself dry after their use, "bidets help reduce the risk of clogged pipes and plumbing issues, which can be costly and inconvenient to address," Agrawal explains.

You'll keep your bathroom cleaner.

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Because they help clear fecal matter away, a bidet can help keep your hands cleaner—making you less likely to spread germs around your bathroom.

"Bidets help maintain a cleaner and more hygienic bathroom by effectively washing away waste. This reduces odors and the spread of germs, contributing to a healthier living environment," says Agrawal.

However, the Cleveland Clinic says that it's still essential that you wash your hands with warm, soapy water for at least 30 seconds after using a bidet. "It's just proper hygiene when using the restroom," their experts note.

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You'll save time.

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Many people are aware that bidets can save you money and even help save the planet since toilet paper requires the cutting of millions of trees per year. However, fewer people realize they can save you time in the bathroom.

"Using a bidet can be quicker than using toilet paper, speeding up the entire process of cleaning after using the bathroom. This efficiency adds convenience to daily routines," says Agrawal. She notes that this can be "especially beneficial during busy mornings or for large families."

So, if you haven't yet used one, don't knock it until you've tried it. "Bidets can drastically improve personal health and hygiene, reduce waste, and even transform the basic act of going to the bathroom into a moment of comfort, confidence, and luxury," Agrawal says.

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