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6 Things You Should Never Have in Your Bathroom When Guests Come Over

Home experts advise against having these items accessible and visible.

Entertaining is a lot of work. We're mixing specialty cocktails, preparing appetizers, and making sure the house is clean and inviting. We want our visitors to feel welcome, and that is just as much about what isn't out as what is. Whether they're staying for dinner or the weekend, guests are going to have to use the bathroom—and home experts say there are some things you should never have out in this room. Keep reading to find out what you should remove or replace.

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Toilet bowl brush.

gloved hands cleaning toilet with toilet brush

We all know that toilets get dirty, but no guest wants to be reminded of that when they're using your bathroom—which is why Carmen Molina, a designer and home stager with Freemodel, says to put away that toilet bowl brush.

Likewise, stash away any related cleaning supplies, especially since they could lead to accidents with "curious children or pets," notes Karina Toner, operations manager at Spekless Cleaning.

Dirty laundry and towels.

Wet washcloth hanging up to dry

Nothing screams "unclean" like a pile of dirty laundry in the bathroom.

"Make sure to remove any used towels or clothing and either run a quick load of laundry or neatly store them away in a hamper or basket out of sight," says Toner.

And even if your towels aren't dirty per se, it's still best to swap them out with fresh ones for guests, both hand and body towels, advises Silvia Hermanny, a digital food and lifestyle creator.

Old or expired products.

black hands pumping lotion
Shutterstock/Vladimir Gjorgiev

It's not a great look to provide guests with near-empty, crusty, or expired products like soap or lotion. Swap these out for something new and fresh.

If you're having overnight guests, Hermanny suggests putting out new toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, makeup remover, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

And if there's anything special you don't want guests using—say your favorite eye cream that's super expensive—make sure that's removed. "Assume everything they have access to is something they are able to use," Hermanny adds.

Prescription medication

Prescription Medicine
Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock

Even if you don't care about guests getting a glimpse of your prescriptions, Hermanny says they don't need to see something so personal. "Best to put items like this away so guests don't feel awkward or like they are invading your personal space."

Toner adds that depending on the medication, it could also be a safety hazard to keep them out.

Litter box

kitten in litter box, things you should never store in basement
Shutterstock/Ysbrand Cosijn

The sight and smell of a dirty litter box can be a turnoff even for animal lovers. "If your cat decides to use it when guests are around and leaves a scented present, that is no fun," says Molina.

"Think about finding a permanent new place for it, as cats don't appreciate their things going from one room to another," she advises.


man throwing away black trash back
Shutterstock / Mike_shots

Full or overflowing trash can make your guests feel uneasy and give the impression that the bathroom is not well-maintained.

"Be sure to quickly empty out the bathroom trash can before guests arrive to prevent any unpleasant odors or unsightly trash," says Toner.

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