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30 Amazing Shopping Deals for February

Coming in hot for the coldest month of the year.

When temperatures are below freezing outside, there's nothing that can keep you warm quite like a hot online shopping deal. But finding those low prices on the internet isn't as simple as it is in store. While sale sections are clearly marked in every brick and mortar, you have to do a bit more digging to find good deals online. Thankfully, we know exactly where to look, so we did some preliminary sale shopping for you. Keep reading to discover some of the best shopping deals for February.

A Lovely "Love" Trivet

Martha Stewart Love Trivet {Shopping Deals}

$15$6.75; buy now at

Love is in the air this month—and now it can literally be on your kitchen counter, thanks to this trivet from the Martha Stewart Collection. For the next few weeks, this heartfelt accessory is on sale for $9—but if you buy it before February 3, you can use the code "YAY" to get an additional 25 percent off and pay under $7.

*Note: Since deals are always coming and going, some of the sale prices shown in this article may no longer apply. 

A Valentine's Day Heart Wreath

Valentine's Day Wreath {Shopping Deals}

$30$12.75; buy now at

If you'd rather wear your heart on your door than in your kitchen, pick up this fun faux berry Valentine's Day wreath. If you buy this lovey-dovey decoration before February 8, you can get an additional 15 percent off the product's already reduced price, saving a total of just over $17.

A Long-Sleeve LBD

Old Navy Black Dress {Shopping Deals}

$30$12; buy now at

You don't have to wait until spring to rock a flowy dress. There are plenty that are weather-appropriate options for February. For instance, this long-sleeve LBD from Old Navy is perfect for chillier weather—and now that it's on sale for just $12, you have no reason not to add it to your wardrobe.

A Fuzzy Ombré Throw

Faux Fur Throw Blanket {Shopping Deals}

$50$12.50; buy now at

Unfortunately, the warmer weather won't be here for a few more months, which means that a small investment in a cozy blanket can still go a long way. And at just $12.50, this faux fur throw is the perfectly-priced stylish blanket you need right now. It might even make you look forward to seeing winter again next year.

A Fluffy and Fashionable Down Parka

Uniqlo Men's Coat {Shopping Deals}

$150$100; buy now at

Bundling up in the wintertime is expensive. With all the sweaters, snowshoes, and accessories it takes just to stay warm outside, you can easily spend thousands of dollars.

But not every worthwhile winter item is exorbitantly priced. This seamless down parka from Uniqlo, for instance, retails for a reasonable $150, and you can even get it on sale now in a slew of colors for just $100.

An Indoor Countertop Garden Kit

Indoor Plant Kit {Shopping Deals}

$190$90; buy now at

While you're waiting for the ground to thaw, you can keep tending to your garden indoors with this countertop gardening kit from AeroGarden.

It has LED grow lights that give your greens the nutrients they need, a system in place to remind you when to water your plants, and a sleek container to hold it all together. Oh, and if you buy yours before February 5, you can get it for 52 percent off.

A Deeply-Discounted Designer Bag

Prada Bag {Shopping Deals}

$1,020$609; buy now at

Believe it or not, it is possible to find high-end luxury items on sale, and this discounted Prada purse proves it. If you act fast, then you might just be able to score the chic floral shoulder bag via Barney's Warehouse for $609, a 40 percent markdown from the items' original $1,020 price tag.

And a Deeply-Discounted Designer Clutch

Miu Miu Clutch {Shopping Deals}

$1,660$500; buy now at

If you thought that Prada deal was unbelievable, then this Miu Miu one is really going to blow you away. Though the jewel-emblazoned clutch retails for more than $1,600, you can buy it now for just $500. It's the perfect accessory to complete any outfit!

This Perfect V-Day Gift

Men's Citizen Watch {Shopping Deals}

$1,250$450;  buy now at

With a versatile brown band, visible gears, and fashionable rose gold accents, this Citizen watch is a Valentine's Day gift that your partner will be able to wear with any outfit. And since the watch is 60 percent off with an additional 10 percent off right now, both the giver and recipient really score big with this one.

And This Perfect V-Day Gift

Diamond Tennis Bracelet {Shopping Deals}

$9,000$2,268; buy now at

It's not easy to justify spending over $2,000 on a single piece of jewelry. However, this 2-carat diamond bracelet was once $9,000, therefore making its current price a vast improvement at nearly 75 percent off. Plus, love knows no bounds (or budgets).

A Durable Pair of Lace-Up Boots

Lace-Up Snow Boots {Shopping Deals}

$100$60; buy now at

Invest in a stylish pair of boots that can withstand the winter weather, like these Steve Madden faux leather boots. With a sturdy sole to prevent you from slipping and a slight platform heel, these boots will walk you through snow flurries and rainstorms alike without a problem. And at 40 percent off, you can even invest in some warm socks to kick your style game up that much further.

A Moisturizing Mud Mask

African Mud Mask {Shopping Deals}

$9$7.75; buy now at

Your skin needs a little extra TLC in the dehydrating winter months. That's where this Shea Moisture Mud Mask comes in. One happy customer raves that the product "reduces oil, makes my skin clean and smooth, and helps prevent breakouts." And with a 10 percent discount putting this mud mask at under $8, how can you not give it a chance?

A Fashionable Sherpa Coat

Old Navy Sherpa Coat {Shopping Deals}

$85$46.50; buy now at

The wind chill factor will be no match for this plush sherpa coat from Old Navy. It's cute, it's cozy, it's casual, it's chic—and for just $46.50, it can be all yours.

An 8-Quart Stock Pot

Stock Pot {Shopping Deals}

$100$80; buy now at

In order to make all that soup, chili, and spaghetti during the brutal winter months, a stock pot is a must. And it doesn't get any better than one made by Le Creuset. At 20 percent off, this one's hard to resist.

A Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker {Shopping Deals}

$50$30; buy now at

Sometimes it's just too cold to head to the movie theater—and on those days, you need your very own popcorn maker so you can enjoy movie night from the comfort of your couch. This Kalorik model, which is on sale for just $30, drops popped kernels directly into an oversized bowl so your snack is ready to be served as soon as it's done.

A Meal Prep Subscription Service

HelloFresh {Shopping Deals}
Hello Fresh

Starts at $60$27; buy now at

If you've always wanted to give a meal subscription kit a try, this is your chance. Right now, you can buy a subscription to HelloFresh, one of the most popular meal services out there, for just a fraction of the usual price.

One week of classic meals for two, for instance, currently costs just $27, putting each meal at $9 and each serving at $4.50. And with no shopping necessary, it doesn't get much better than that.

A Pair of Heat-Holding Gloves

Heat-Holding Gloves {Shopping Deals}

$20; buy now at

With an insulated lining that traps warm air in and keeps cool air out, these gloves are a must-have for anyone whose extremities get cold easily.

An Adjustable Set of Weights

Adjustable Weights {Shopping Deals}

$250$200; buy now at

Who needs an entire set of dumbbells when you can buy a single pair that adjusts to meet your ever-changing needs instead? This set of weights can be adjusted to 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 pounds.

And while $200 might seem like a lot for just one set of weights, consider that buying a whole set of dumbbells would easily set you back hundreds of dollars and take up much more room.

A Pair of Shearling Earmuffs

Ugg Earmuffs {Shopping Deals}

$75$32.50; buy now at

Your ears—and bank account—will thank you for buying these Ugg earmuffs, down from $75 to just $32.50. The brand uses soft shearling to line all of its products—so these are definitely some of the coziest earmuffs you'll find.

A Candle That Smells Like Winter

Harvest Fig Candle {Shopping Deals}

$25$18; buy now at

Allow the sweet smells of harvest fig and fresh berries to envelop you this winter. With this candle burning all season long, you'll be happy to be cooped up indoors.

Wool Socks For the Whole Family

Wool Socks {Shopping Deals}

$14; buy now at

You, your partner, and your kids will all fall in love with these thermal wool socks. As one happy Amazon user wrote: "I suffer from a variety of diseases that combined make my feet cold most all the time [and] these socks really help to lessen the problem. They fit well and they are nice and warm."

An Indoor Grill

Indoor Grill {Shopping Deals}

$125$85; buy now at

Just because it's not warm enough to grill outside doesn't mean you can't grill at all. This George Foreman version is made for the indoors. But when it's nice and warm again, you can even bring this grill outside for a fun cookout.

A Fashionable Travel Bag

Travel Bag {Shopping Deals}

$300$105; buy now at

If you're going on a getaway, you're going to need to invest in a sturdy and sleek carry-on, like this woven faux leather bag from KC Jagger. It has wheels for when you're maneuvering through the airport and a thick strap for when you need to lift it into overhead storage. Plus, since it's currently down from $300 to just $105, you can buy this bag and still have spending money for your trip.

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds {Shopping Deals}

$46; buy now at

The Apple AirPods aren't the only wireless earbuds on the market. These Enacfire bluetooth headphones work just as well—and while the brand-name product is more than $150, this pair is just $46. Who doesn't want more than 75 percent savings?

Lotion That Smells Like Cocoa

Hot Cocoa Lotion {Shopping Deals}

$12.50$3; buy now at

Hot cocoa smells almost as good as it tastes—and now you can wear that sugary scent everywhere you go with this Hot Cocoa & Cream Lotion from Bath & Body Works. With a current sale price of $3, the savings on this product are almost as sweet as its aroma.

Soothing Mineral Bath Salts

Bath Salts {Shopping Deals}

$16$8; buy now at

There's no better time to take advantage of your bathtub than during the winter. It's like your own at-home soothing spa experience. And while you're soaking, you can add these aromatic bath salts to your bathwater. They smell amazing, and they're full of minerals that will replenish your dry skin.

A Warm Pair of Slippers

Slippers {Shopping Deals}

$20; buy now at

These unisex slippers are great lounging shoes for everyone in the family. Made with memory foam and antimicrobial technology, they're both comfortable and clean! And we're sure you have a 20 percent off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond in your inbox right now.

A Red Dress for Date Night

Aqua Red Dress {Shopping Deals}

$238$71.50; buy now at

If you're going on a Valentine's Day date, you need a flirty red dress. Thankfully, this little number from Aqua is perfect for the occasion. Its off-the-shoulder neckline is sultry and sexy, but its knee-length hem still leaves your partner wanting more. And for just a fourth of its original price, it's a win for you too.


Lip Vaseline {Shopping Deals}

$2$1; buy now at

No part of your body suffers during the cold season more than your lips. If you want to avoid the discomfort of chapped lips all winter long, then stock up on these tiny Vaselines while you can. For less than $1 apiece, they likely won't last long!

A Tie From Outer Space

J Crew Tie

$44.50$29.50; buy now at

At just $29.50, the deal on this J.Crew printed silk tie is out of this world! It's got a splash of character without being too overboard and it's perfect for the science lover or Star Wars fan in your life.

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