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6 Facial Expressions That Mean Someone Is Attracted to You, Therapists Say

Pay attention to their eyes, mouth, and even their eyebrows.

Sure, someone telling you that you're attractive is nice to hear. But sometimes they don't need to say a word: If you know where to look, their face could be telling the whole story. Of course, picking up on these subtleties to find out if they're into you requires some training. That's why we consulted experts to discover the six facial expressions that mean someone is attracted to you. Read on to learn what you should be looking for.

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Genuine smile

happy couple smiling on a date

Experts agree that the first and most obvious facial expression to look for is a big, genuine smile.

"A person can't help but smile when they're with someone they like and feel drawn to," explains Amber Brooks, editor-in-chief of You'll know it's a real smile if it lights up their face and reaches their eyes.

Laura Doyle, relationship coach and New York Times bestselling author, adds that someone may default to a smile to show their attraction when they're too nervous to say it.

Eye contact

man and woman on a first date asking each other truth or drink questions
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"The eyes give a lot away," notes relationship coach and therapist Susan Trotter, PhD. She says prolonged eye contact is a significant sign of attraction, as is them peeking at you quickly, smiling, and then looking away.

Brooks says it's important to note whether the person's eyes tend to wander away from you, even as you're speaking, or are laser-focused on your face, eyes, or lips. "Pay attention to whenever a person is 'making eyes' at you, and give strong eye contact in return to lock in the interest," she suggests.

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Eyebrow movements

Woman Raising Her Eyebrow

A raised brow could be a major sign of attraction. "Quick or subtle, the raising of eyebrows becomes the signature of surprise, excitement, and the unspoken acknowledgment of encountering someone undeniably attractive," explains Rachel Sims, LPC,  relationship, dating, and marriage expert at

Sims also points out that animated movement of the brows during conversation signals engagement and emotional responsiveness.

Lip biting

Man Pursing His Lips

Lip biting is a sure sign of attraction and desire. "If a person bites their lip and smiles when they look at you, they're most certainly feeling some lovey-dovey butterflies," says Brooks.

Sims adds that subtly touching one's lips is also a cue. And when someone parts their lips, presses them together, or looks at yours, it could be in anticipation of a kiss.

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Dilated pupils

Man and Woman Making Close Eye Contact

Like the raised eyebrow, dilated pupils can also signal excitement and attraction. "In the language of the eyes, dilated pupils emerge as a physiological response, a silent symphony of heightened arousal and the magnetic pull of attraction," says Sims.

"When someone winks at you, it is often a good sign as well," adds Trotter.

Gentle head tilt

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Tilting the head to the side not only signals attraction but also implies that they're engaged in what you're saying.

"The soft tilt of the head becomes a silent declaration of interest and openness, inviting the other person into a world where attraction takes center stage," says Sims.

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