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The Top 5 Signs You Found the Love of Your Life, According to Relationship Experts

These signs could indicate you've found your perfect match.

When it comes to choosing a person to make a life with, many couples will tell you that they "just knew." And while of course, for some, that answer is enough, we wanted to dig a little deeper. What really sets a forever love apart from a doomed relationship or something in-between? Does physical connection matter more than we think? Do you really have to have similar values as your partner? Love is complicated, so we reached out to a handful of relationship experts to find out the top five signs you've found your person.

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You have a strong physical and emotional connection.

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To be in a loving partnership, it's essential to not only have a physical pull towards one another, but also to connect on an emotional level. Lee Phillips, LCSW, a psychotherapist and certified sex and couples therapist, believes that this is the first sign pointing to having a successful and long-lasting relationship.

"When people have found the love of their life, there must be an emotional and physical connection," he tells Best Life. " "The emotional connection is all about coming from a place of vulnerability. This may include sharing history of their childhoods, their deepest fears and needs, and the things that make them feel jealous and angry."

In terms of physical closeness, Phillips places importance on "complimenting on how well your partner looks, loving the way they kiss, and receiving sexual satisfaction."

If the emotional and physically connection starts off slow in your relationship, don't fret! Phillips says you don't need to rush anything. "Some people believe that this needs to happen right way, but this really builds over the course of dating," he says. "The more time two people spend together, the more they begin to grow emotionally and physically closer."

Your partner feels like home.

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People often say, "home is where the heart is", and that couldn't be any more true when it comes to finding the love of your life. Jaime Bronstein, a licensed relationship therapist, and author of MAN*ifesting tells us that if you and your partner view each other as your "homes" this is a great sign of everlasting love.

"When you've found the love of your life, you experience a beautiful feeling of familiarity with this person," he says. "As cliche as it sounds, it will also feel like you have known them forever. You feel a calmness in your heart when you are around them."

Sam Whittaker, another dating expert and editor at Mantelligence, agrees. "When you fall in love, it's normal to feel giddy and nervous when you're together," he says. "Passion and heat are also common in the beginning. But when you find someone who makes you feel safe and protected, you know you've found the person you're supposed to be with."

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You have shared values.

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Megan Harrison, a licensed marriage and family therapist shares with Best Life that having common values with your partner is important if you're in it for the long haul.

"One of the top signs you've found the right partner is finding that you have a lot in common with this person and that you share similar goals and aspirations for the future," she says. "You enjoy spending time together and want to get to know each other better."

Aditya Kashyap Mishra, a certified relationship expert shared similar thoughts. "If you and your partner share the same values, then you're on the right track," he says. "This is the foundation of any strong relationship. When you share the same values, you're more likely to be on the same page when it comes to important decisions."

Your partner loves your imperfections.

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Love isn't always rainbows and butterflies—things will get messy at times. But if your partner continues to love you despite your mistakes and lifts you up instead of knocking you down whenever you're wrong, you've found a pretty great person to commit to.

Sameera Sullivan, a relationship expert and professional matchmaker tells Best Life that it's a sure sign your relationship could be forever if, "your partner has witnessed your worst moments and still loves you. Even if there are some small habits and quirks that you don't find entirely endearing, you wouldn't change a thing about each other."

Nobody is perfect in this world and if you find someone who cherishes your every flaw and imperfections, that's a great sign of everlasting love.

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You have healthy boundaries with one another.

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Boundaries are incredibly important in a partnership (especially an intimate one) because they help you and your partner assess what you're comfortable or not comfortable with, as well as defining how the both of you expect to be treated. Phillips tells Best Life that having healthy boundaries with one another is essential and a sure sign you've found the one.

"There are boundaries in all relationships, and this includes intimate relationships," she says. "Boundaries keep a relationship balanced. They can empower each partner, prevent enmeshment, and avoid resentment."

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