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20 Cheese Puns So Cheesy You're Gruyere-nteed to Laugh

These jokes will make you smile when you're feeling bleu.

Whether your taste in cheese veers toward sharp cheddar or mild mozzarella, you probably agree that the cheesier something is the better. And in addition to food, we'd say that also applies to puns. Because you know what's even better than a regular pun? A cheesy pun. And what's even grater (get it?) than a cheesy pun? A cheesy pun about cheese. Whether you're looking for help with your latest Instagram caption or just happen to love cheesy jokes, these are the best cheese puns of all time. If you don't like these cheese puns, then you don't have Gouda taste.

What did the cheeses say after relying on their GPS?

I'm not sure we're shredded in the right direction.

What did the cheese say about its boring job?

I curd do it in my sleep!

What did the cheese say after a great date?

I had fondue you think we can do this again?

What do you say to a cheese that's down on its luck?

"Ricotta get through this!"

Why did the cheese fail music class?

He was always too sharp.

Why didn't the cheese go to college?

She had grater plans.

Why should you always bring chips to a party?

In queso emergency!

What did the cheese say after using a pickup line?

"Sorry if that was a little cheesy!"

What did the cheese say after a rough day?

"Gouda take the good with the bad!"

How do you know you're getting serious with a cheese lover?

They'll tell you they're pretty fondue you.

What did the cheese say to its hot date?

"You make me melt!"

Did you hear about the cheese that lost at the track-and-field event?

It fell at the final curdle.

What type of music does cheese listen to?

R 'n' Brie.

What did the cheeses say after an argument?

Let's agree to disabrie.

Why do priests love Swiss cheese?

Because it's so holey!

What's always the last piece of cheese on the cheese board?

Forever provolone!

What was the cheese's favorite book?

Ha-ricotta and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Who are its favorite celebrities?

Brie-oncé and Kim Curdashian.

And what was its favorite movie?

The Curious Queso Benjamin Button.

What do you call a cheese that doesn't belong to you?

Nacho cheese!

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