Ian McKellen Says "Cats" Has Converted Him from a Dog Person to a Cat Person

McKellen tweeted: "I've just seen the final cut of the imminent Cats movie and I'm a convert."

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If you've seen the trailer for the upcoming movie Cats, you know that Ian McKellen is the only part of it that the internet can agree upon.

Well, on Friday, the esteemed 80-year-old actor, who plays Asparagus (AKA Gus the Theater Cat) in the movie, shared a shocking confession on Twitter. "I've never been a big fan of cats," he wrote. "Dogs for me every time, to look at and be friends with."

He went on to say that he's become a "convert" after seeing the final cut of the film, before launching into a long praise-fest for everyone involved with the Andrew Lloyd Webber adaptation. "Other dog lovers, prepare to be enchanted," he concluded.

It was a very gracious statement from a very gracious man, but social media users were not convinced, not least of all because—as everyone seems to keep forgetting—this is a movie in which humans play cats, and does not feature any actual cats.

Plus, every dog person knows that once you're a dog person, you're always a dog person. And all you have to do is watch this video of McKellen singing to and kissing a tiny chihuahua to know that he is a dog person.

He celebrates National Dog Day.


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Did somebody say it's national dog day?

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And shares photos of himself petting random dogs on the street.


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The evidence is overwhelming. Ian McKellen may have made space in his heart for cats, but we know the truth: He's a dog person for life, albeit one with a level of compassion we can all aspire to have.

And for proof that McKellen is better off for loving dogs, check out: New Study Finds Dog Owners Are Happier Than Cat Owners.

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